This site is dedicated to promoting Artists and Musicians in Lincolnshire. We aim to combine the marketing of local art and music, with interviews and sales of material produced within Lincolnshire.


LAAMB was established by Dave Larder as a “Thank you” to the musicians and artists who supported the “NHSUprising” campaign in Louth – due to popular demand, the site is extended to include those associated with the Arts across Lincolnshire.


I encourage people who are involved in the Arts in Lincolnshire to use our blog. This may be to advertise your Arts service, a gig, a Charity event, an exhibition, or simply to comment on something that you have read.


This site is for everybody who contributes to the Arts, be you a fully fledged, working artist/musician/author or a student, attempting to make a future in the industry.




Our Forum is FREE to use, but you need to register prior to posting/replying. Replies can be made but MUST be relevant to the content of the original post. Currently, there are FOUR Categories, those being:


  1. LAAMB Announcements – This forum is for LAAMB Administrators to make relative announcement about the site
  2. Visual Artists Forum – This forum is for Visual Artists to post, including details of events, etc.
  3. Musicians Forum – This forum is for Musicians to post, including details of events, etc.
  4. Promotion and Sales – This forum is for members to promote themselves, their organisation, events, CD Sales, etc.
  5. Whats On in Lincolnshire. For forum members to promote their events




The blog is maintained by the Administrator. Comments can be made but MUST be relevant to the content of the original post. ALL comments need to be approved by the Administrator prior to publication. This is largely to prevent spam, and to protect the members from irrelevant comment.


Thank you for your encouragement and support.