LAAMB was established by Dave Larder as a “Thank you” to the musicians and artists who supported the “NHSUprising” campaign in Louth – due to popular demand, the site is extended to include those associated with the Arts across Lincolnshire.


I encourage people who are involved in the Arts in Lincolnshire to use our Forum. This may be to advertise your Arts service, a gig, a Charity event, an exhibition, or simply to comment on something that you have read.


This site is for everybody who contributes to the Arts, be you a fully fledged, working artist/musician/author or a student, attempting to make a future in the industry.




Our Forum is FREE to use, but you need to register prior to posting/replying. Replies can be made but MUST be relevant to the content of the original post. Currently, there are FOUR Categories, those being:


  1. LAAMB Announcements – This forum is for LAAMB Administrators to make relative announcement about the site
  2. Visual Artists Forum – This forum is for Visual Artists to post, including details of events, etc.
  3. Musicians Forum – This forum is for Musicians to post, including details of events, etc.
  4. Promotion and Sales – This forum is for members to promote themselves, their organisation, events, CD Sales, etc.
  5. Whats On in Lincolnshire. For forum members to promote their events