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Lincolnshire (UK) has a vast Arts and Music presence, and it’s not until you start working within it, that you realise just how big it is. Getting word out about the industry in our county can sometimes be quite intense. So we’ve combined basic Profile and Contact pages with social media marketing, and this is now obtaining results, with exposure both within the UK, and Overseas. This “exposure” has meant that people involved in The Arts from all around the world, have embraced the project.


We aim to combine the marketing of local art and music, with features and sales of material produced within or with links to our county.



=Number 1


Helen Flunder. NE Lincolnshire Singer/Songwriter



=Number 1


PA Robinson. Grimsby Expat in Spain.


Suck it UP!

Number 3


Whiffing the Peaches. From NE Lincolnshire.


Ranting at the TV


Multi Genre Singer Songwriter from LA


Homer Marrs

Rock/Funk, Trio from NE Lincs, UK


Whiffing the Peaches


Musician, Composer, Producer from Paris, France



5 piece Rock band based in Derbyshire, UK.


Yesterdays Gone


Classical Musician & Composer from Lincolnshire.


Caroline Leighton


Multi genre duo from Lincolnshire, UK


Hedgehog Reality

Originals Alternative Trio from Lincoln, UK

The Thought Hooligans


Punk Rock outfit from Helsinki, Finland




Genre Fluid Duo from East Lindsey, Lincolnshire


Bell & Booth

Teenage Indie Rock band from Lincolnshire



Musician, Composer, Producer, Teacher


Niels Blume


Traditional Klezmer Band from Lincoln, UK



Jazz/Rock Avante Garde Vocalist from France.


Carla Diratz

Poet & Multi Skilled Producer from Lincoln


Gemma Baker


LAAMB now offers Musicians FREE Podcasts on the LAAMB Mixcloud  and LAAMB Soundcloud accounts. Need a minimum of 20 minutes (Maximum 60), to be included on Mixcloud. Single tracks and Interviews considered for Soundcloud.


The tracks will appear under the heading of “LAAMB Introduces” or “LAAMB Podcast” together with the Musician/Band name and each track. If you have items for sale in our Shop, a link to those pages will be included.


Usual regular Promotion on Social Media also included.


No. ONE on Soundcloud


Peter Robinson “God if he only knew”


No. One on our Podcast Chart


Robert Wyatt Covers by Various Artists

Mental Health:

Our  initiative, “Mental Illness, Disability – Music and Art” (MIDMA) has launched today.


Please check it out and contribute wherever and however you can.