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Amateur Ghost






Peter Anthony Robinson “Death Watches Over Us”






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Added a new feature to the service that now offers Musicians FREE Playlists on the LAAMB Mixcloud account. Need a minimum of 20 minutes (Maximum 60), to be included. (Single longer tracks and Interviews considered).


The tracks will appear under the heading of “LAAMB Introduces” together with the Musician/Band name and each track. If you have items for sale in our Shop, a link to those pages will be included.


Usual regular Promotion on Social Media also included.


This site now has a FULL SSL Certificate


Books from Eamonn Griffin, Ros Jackson and Nick Louth now available via our Online Shop.


Due to space issues, I’ve had to move the less well supported menu categories into the “Artists” category. Therefore, Authors and Actors now appear in “Artists” under the Visual Artist page links.


I’ve added the Blog because I think it works better than the Forum (although the forum will remain for the time being).


Features will no longer be a monthly event – although those that appear WILL remain at the top of the list for at least a month.



What’s on this site:

Lincolnshire Arts and Music Bulletin supports everything Lincolnshire especially:

Lincolnshire Arts

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Mental Illness, Disability

Fighting for Louth Hospital campaign/OUR NHS


New member registrations are MOST welcome. This allows members to comment on the site Forum.

Applications for membership that include an email address which is on a list of bots will be rejected.

There is now a “Pending” status for ALL New Registrations. Current Members are unaffected.

New/Sealed Dave Hunt CDs

NEW/SEALED Dave Hunt CD’s now available in our online shop

New/Sealed Robert Wyatt CDs

NEW/SEALED Robert Wyatt CD’s now available in our online shop!

New/Sealed Denis Frajerman CDs

NEW/SEALED Denis Frajerman CD’s now available in our online shop!


Our new initiative, “Mental Illness, Disability – Music and Art” (MIDMA) has launched today. Please check it out and contribute wherever and however you can.



A “Tuition” link HAS BEEN added to the “Musicians” and “Visual Artists” categories.

Tutors for other main menu categories are invited to request a “Tuition” link within their category.

You must have a Profile Page on LAAMB to apply for a Tuition link.

New Collaboration launched.


Lincolnshire Arts and Music Bulletin is pleased to announce a new association with Siren Radio’s “Local Music Spotlight” initiative.


Follow the Link below to see how Lincolnshire musicians can get their tracks aired, free of charge.




This site is dedicated to promoting Artists and Musicians in Lincolnshire. We aim to combine the marketing of local art and music, with interviews and sales of material produced within Lincolnshire.


Lincolnshire has a vast Arts and Music presence, and it’s not until you start working within it, that you realise just how big it is. Getting word out about the industry in our county can sometimes be quite intense. So we’ve combined basic Profile and Contact pages with social media marketing, and this is starting to obtain results, with exposure both within the UK, and overseas.


Dave Hunt has built quite a following in the USA, even recording a duet with American Country singer, Donna Shaw. Kieran Campbell also managed to get some airplay in the states, with his former band, The Stallers.


Louth artist, Jayne Cooper is gaining popularity globally with her series of studies of Robert Wyatt, “Great Wall of Wyatt” receiving interest from the USA, South America and Europe.


We’re not just concentrating on popular music either. The Grimsby Philharmonic Society has a profile, as does the Louth District Concert Society.


Festivals, such as the Louth Zero Degrees Festival and Gig in the Garden at the Priory Hotel, are also projects that LAAMB helps to promote. Venues too get a listing, with the Market Rasen Festival Hall and the Grimsby Central Hall as well as The Yardbirds Club in Grimsby, all having a Profile.


Writers are also included, with Authors,  Ros Jackson and Nick Louth , poet, Jane Air  among the first “non musical” Profiles to appear on the site.


There’s a Features section (which includes a fantastic interview with Robert Wyatt and Alfreda Benge), and for which we are always open to suggestions/requests.


Please look around, and enjoy this site, and if you are involved in the Arts in Lincolnshire, please consider having a FREE Profile on Lincolnshire Arts and Music Bulletin.