LAAMB Blog – Musical Instruments WANTED



Lincoln County Hospital’s Ashby ward is an 18 bedded unit providing rehabilitation and treatment to patients with long term neurological conditions (brain injury and brain illness, spinal injuries and surgery) or following multiple trauma who have complex rehabilitation needs. Patients are actively involved in contributing to their rehabilitation programme.


We have 2 rehabilitation consultants.


Rehabilitation on the ward is goal oriented. We are supported by a multi-disciplinary team including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language, neuropsychologists, clinical nurse therapist, electronic assistive technology and specialist wheelchair services.


We on Ashby ward are asking for any donations of musical instruments for our patients to use in therapy sessions. we are specifically looking for tamborines, xylophones, percussion instruments, small string instruments etc but nothing that is put in the mouth!


If you are able to assist by donating unwanted musical instruments to our cause, please contact us by email.


Donna Pullman is the ward clerk for Ashby ward, and you can contact her HERE.

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