Gig in the Garden 2018

This year’s Gig in the Garden will take place at The Priory Hotel, Louth on Sunday 26 August from 1.00 pm. The musical line up is displayed below:



This year, GITG is introducing the “Artists Avenue” – an extravaganza of local Art and Artists, including some incredible Craft displays. Among those attending the Arts Avenue are:


Alicry Trinketts – (Bev Wilkinson Hand Made Jewelry)


Lorena Jane –  (Inclusive Arts Education Lincoln) 


Janice SWIRL Crafts (Crafts Louth)


Wolds Wools (Crafts, Louth)


Keri Blake (Photography) Louth Jayne Cooper – (Artist Louth) 


Madeleine Mcglone – (Face Painting Louth)


Elaine Garton – Street Artist (Crackpot Louth) 


Elaine Calderwood – Artsist (Louth) 


Andrew Bailie – Artist (Lincoln) 






One thought on “Gig in the Garden 2018

  1. What a day it promises to be? Artists will hopefully make it a real Arts Festival – a first for Louth?

    I understand there will be other attractions as well, and did someone say a “Guest” appearance from Robert Wyatt?

    15 quid and under 12’s go free!

    Oh, and the FREE bottles water is a bonus.

    Well done Paul for putting this all together.

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