Of Interest to Artiste’s

What is an Artiste? What makes them “click”?


It doesn’t matter what you do within the Arts, you ARE an Artiste. You think up, prepare and deliver your work, just like any other profession. Once your “piece” is published, is that the point at which you become an Artiste?


Whatever your genre, be it music, visual or spoken Art, there must be a point where you think “that’s it, I’ve cracked it. I am indeed an Artiste.”


Or, is that description the who process of being creative? If you have a dream, wake up and commit that dream to manuscript, does that make you and Artiste? Or is it only when that work is complete that you can feel satisfied with your success?


Do “Completion” and “Publication” go hand in hand? Can you be an Artiste if you complete your work, but rather than publish, you retain it for your own personal enjoyment?


Is your status in the eye of yourself, as Creator or viewers as Critics?


Only you can decide.

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