More and More exposure

This week, we achieved 1100 Mixcloud Followers and we’re pretty pleased with that.

However, it wouldn’t be possible without the Local and International LAAMB’s who have contributed tracks (and a Podcast) for inclusion in our shows.

Because of the ever increasing number of Followers, we need to keep them happy. Having spoken with (and being extremely grateful to), Mixmaster Morris (the King of Mixcloud), I’ve taken the decision to reduce the length of the show, but increase the number (and frequency) with which they are published. With this in mind, I’m hoping to deliver one Mixcloud show a week, and, to increase exposure, publish individual tracks onto the LAAMB Soundcloud platform.

For this to happen, I’m going to need permission from each artist, to publish their work in this way. It also means that all artists who’s tracks I use, will get a FREE Profile Page on the LAAMB Web site, including International LAAMB’s for whom I am currently in the process of designing a compilation page.


2 thoughts on “More and More exposure

  1. Expanding further? – Brilliant.

    So now, a Web site, Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Pinterest, Mixcloud and Soundcloud.

    That’s a LOT of exposure, man.

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