Soundcloud and Mixcloud Promotions

LAAMB is all about promotion. That is why the project was started in the first place. To promote local Artists and Musicians.


The way that we do this has multiplied in the TWO years since we started with promotion on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve added Pinterest, and more recently, Mixcloud and Soundcloud Podcasts. Now we’re part of the Music Link Up programme, that is best decribed as a “Linked in for Musicians”. We still promote heavily on the more traditional Social Media platforms, especially Twitter. We consider ourselves to be extremely luck to have a mutual relationship with “The Retweeter” (@markwinder8), a Social Media guru who promotes everything we tag him onto. As Mark is based in Ireland, with a big following across the globe, his generosity allows our posts to gather a wider audience. Jason T Ingram (@FakeZappa) is another friend of LAAMB, who promotes our Musicans and Artists, (as well as MIDMA) in the states.


Locally, Martin Thomas (#lincsconnect) and Lincolnshire Blogger (@lincsblogger) are hugely influential in re-promoting our tweets.


Generally though, it’s through the Mixcloud and Soundcloud platforms that the world gets to here music from our local musicians. Since we started mixing Lincolnshire tracks with others from around the world, the following has increased, especially on Mixcloud. Soundcloud, being a more recent addition, has yet to take off in a way that it’s Mixcloud counterpart.


As with all services that we provide, there is no charge for having music included on these Podcasts. There is also no charge to listen. Generally though, stats show that in the majority of cases, listeners are about 70% of the artists who appear or have appreared on the shows. Promotion also seems to be heavily international.


LAAMB Podcasts are genre fluid (ie, we’ll include anything). Recently, we incorporated poetry by Josie Moon. Anything that promotes local artistry is possible. But, we can’t do it alone – we need artists and listeners to help promote Lincolnshire music. So please follow the links below, sign up to the platforms (FREE), listen (FREE), comment (FREE) and where possible share.







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