LAAMB Collaboration with WRGG Pennsylvania

Today, I’m really pleased to announce that following negotiations, Lincolnshire Arts and Music Bulletin has entered a new collaboration with Hugs@WRGG Radio in Pennsylvania.


Initially, I sent a live track, “Bullet” by Revivalry, but which was not of the quality required for public broadcast. After speaking with the band, they then recorded a new track “Run”, which was sent to WRGG. The result is that “Run” by Revivalry will air on live radio WRGG next Tuesday (WEDNESDAY 11th March in the UK at 1.30 am).


I’m really looking forward to the feedback because Hugs actually polls his listeners on all the tracks he plays.


The track can be heard on the LAAMB Drooble account, but if you wish to listen to it live on the radio, here’s the link:


Track will air at approx. 01:30 UK time on Wednesday morning.


Not only Revivalry, but Dave Hunt has already featured on Hugs@WRGG and that show can be caught here:


WRGG will continue to feature our musicians’ tracks. In return, LAAMB will be featuring tracks from Hugs shows on our own platforms.

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