Dave Hunt/Allan Grainger

Prominent Lincolnshire Bluesman, Dave Hunt has formed a new collaboration with renowned acoustic guitarist, Allan Grainger. The name chosen for this project is “Blues Shack”.


The pair have been practising social distancing whilst Allan gets to grips with some of Dave’s songs from his previous albums. This time though, they are stripped back, basically with Allan on guitar and Dave doing vocals and harp.


Speaking to LAAMB about the new project, Dave said that he wanted to to something a bit different from his previous solo and band work and had been working with several other local musicians over the past eighteen months. He added that it really works with Allan, and rather than start afresh with new songs, he felt more comfortable reinventing some of his own earlier tracks. They have now decided on the name “Blues Shack” for this exciting new project.


Dave & Allan have now recorded a video (on Youtube)  to go with their cover of “Roadhouse Rosie” (previously included on Dave’s “100 Horses” CD).


The song and video are published on the LAAMB channel on the Drooble platform.


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