New options for Musicians

Not too good many things can be said to have come out of the Covid crisis, but it has certainly changed the way that independant musicians work.


Speaking with Rick Whitehead, he said that he has formed a side project (Plains of Silence), with Saboteurs bandmate, Geoff Standeven, whilst also writing and recording solo material.


This creation of “side projects” is quite apparent in our local area, and beyond. One of the first to go down this road was Dave Hunt, who sidelined his own solo career to team up with Alan Grainger and form Blues Shack.


Adrian White, who saw his newly created Funk/Soul sextet, Skip of Fools become a victim of Covid just as they started gigging, launched a laid back/stripped back version in the guise of Whiffing the Peaches, with Trev Nimmo and Trish McKenna. WTP have recorded several tracks, with the Award winning “What yer gonna do?” now for sale as a Digital Download from the LAAMB Merch page.


Neither Rick or Adrian think that their side projects will go live, instead concentrate on recording and leaving the live side to their original projects.


Hedgehog Reality (aka Liz & Terry Martin) from Boston host a Live Stream on their Facebook Page each Wednesday at 8 pm.


Anton Drewery, used his lockdown time to release a solo single, “You should be ashamed” (currently riding high in the LAAMB Top 30).


It’s not just in Lincolnshire either.


The Academy of Sun, the Punk/Power Pop/Rock/ band from Brighton have several projects ongoing, with Louth expat, Nick Hudson, not only recording a new solo album, but also writing a book.


Kokomo joint founder, Tony O’Malley recorded several tracks with his own band plus Frank Collins, and also a couple of duets with Kokomo vocalist, Charlotte Churchman, both of which hit Number One on the LAAMB chart.


Perhaps, it’s a new way of working for every musician, whatever their pro status.


Podcasts have also become popular over the past 18 months, and I’ll cover these in my next blog.

One thought on “New options for Musicians

  1. hello dave how are you? hope you are always in good health. Currently, our condition, especially the island of Java, Bali, is experiencing a total lockdown and this status was extended a few days ago because the rate of Covid-19 victims is getting higher. malls where tourist attractions are completely closed, even most of the recording studios are also closed. this is due to worry and anxiety and indirectly affect the activities of musicians. but the ideas/ideas still exist and there must be only the means to realize the ideas that are still closed. hope this passes quickly. it’s nice to see the news that outside has started “live” both sports music and others.
    greetings from indonesia

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