Whiffing the Peaches – NEW EP and Single

Grimsby/Cleethorpes Trio, Whiffing the Peaches are releasing a NEW single and EP on Friday, September 17.


The EP will feature 4 TRACKS:


What Yer Gonna Do?


Ranting at the TV


Raff Riff




The new single “Outside” is also released on the 17th.


All tracks available to download HERE.

2 thoughts on “Whiffing the Peaches – NEW EP and Single

  1. It’s been soo great to collaberate with such wonderful musicians and friends, within these hardish, strange covid NANOO NANOO 19 downs of lockup system,EARTH

    ANYWAYS, we have enjoyed our creativity and APPRECIATE all who have listened and connected with us
    Peace and kindness
    Whiffing the peaches

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