Whiffing the Peaches – “Outside”

Coinciding with the release of their first EP, “Raff Riff”, Whiffing the Peaches have simultaneously delivered a new single, “Outside”.


Featuring stunning solo’s by Trev Nimmo (Trumpet), and Ade White (Guitars, multi Instruments and Production), this track is completed with vocals that only the amazing Owenna (Trish) McKenna could deliver. This is undoubtedly the band’s best song to date, and is set to feature on Lonely Oak Radio in the USA.


This is the final track on the 4 song EP “Raff Riff” and is included in the “NEW TRACKS” listing for September.


You can listen to the track here, or shoot over to the WTP page in the LAAMB Shop, where it’s available to download/buy, along with the rest of the songs on the EP.


Whiffing the Peaches – “Outside”


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