Nick Hudson Christmas Charity Song

“Hey all!


My 2021 Christmas single took quite a circuitous drive around town to arrive at this present offering:


Initially I’d spent time drafting a satirical song compiling a litany of the recent political catastrofucks those in the UK are currently subjected to, mercilessly, by these racist, dangerous, Etonian poodles currently soiling the seats of Westminster.


The song wasn’t coming. I then realised that satire is dead. England has flipped timelines and is entirely self-satirising. My function as a satirist in the historical context of Christmas music now redundant, I figured ” swing the other way”. Thus I weaponised prettiness, earnestness and committed to creating a Christmas single that oozed the vulnerablity of our present times, and also the fortitude of community, friendship, family, love, kindness and grace, These attributes will ALWAYS outlive any horror these death-eaters can throw at us, even if at times it feels heinous and relentless.


I hope you’ll all enjoy.


It was recorded on my childhood piano – the one on which I learned – and I like to think that what the instrument sometimes lacks in intonation, it more than compensates for in tone and character.


I shall be donating £2 of every sale to Shelter, the homeless charity, for reasons that I woudn’t condescend to explain. It’s on my Bandcamp page (Link Below).


It’s on a pay what you like/can basis.


Love to you all, and please be safe, and loved, and loving.


Nick xoo



A thousand years
A thousand days
The flesh of an angel never decays.


We go in a circle at night
And are consumed by fire.


Always, almost;
Spare a little Holy.”

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