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Sunday 26th June 2022, we are holding an art exhibition at Spout Yard Gallery, Louth.


Celebrating Refugee Week, on Sunday 26th June 2022, East Lincolnshire Area of Sanctuary and Lincs Time and Tide Bell are holding an event at Spout Yard, Louth. Join us with your picnic while enjoying music and song from local artistes and visit an art exhibition in the Gallery devoted to Ukrainian artistic culture and the issues of migration. Meet some of our new friends from Ukraine and other countries and find out about the work of East Lincolnshire Area of Sanctuary.


We are planning an art exhibition and still have space for some further contributions. You are invited to paint a picture, or create some other artwork, that speaks to the plight of refugees or honours the traditional cultures of Ukraine and other lands where conflict and strife is forcing migration. In the first instance at least, this is just a one-day exhibition, though we may be able to display artworks at future events. If you think you might like to contribute to this exhibition, please email me at as soon as possible. We don’t have much time to organise this, so hurry! Or perhaps you have an existing artwork that tells some story of Ukrainian culture that you might be willing to loan for exhibition?


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