LAAMB was established by Dave Larder as a “Thank you” to the musicians and artists who supported the “NHS Uprising” campaign in Louth in September 2017. This was originated by Julie Speed, Richard Speed and Paul Simpson, as the Fighting 4 Louth Hospital campaign.


Readers can find out more about the F4LH HERE


Due to popular demand, the site has been extended to include those associated with the Arts globally. This has meant a cross cultural exchange of local Music and Arts with Artists and Musicians overseas, and also Radio and Music Platforms.


I encourage people who are involved in the Arts in Lincolnshire to use our Platform. This may be to advertise your Arts service, a gig, a Charity event, an exhibition, or simply to comment on something that you have read. Follow the links at the top of the left side column to access LAAMB’s Social media accounts.


This site is for everybody who contributes to the Arts, be you are a fully fledged, working artist/musician/author or a student, attempting to make a future in the industry.


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  1. Just discovered you via links with people like Jose Moon and others. We are a small indie book shop in Brigg North Lincs. Trying to kick start arts and creativity through indies here. Ran a small Indie craft and arts market two weeks ago and still trying to get music back here eventually. We are on FB,Twitter and Instagram. The shop sells new kids/adult books preloved books and pre loved vinyl and CDs. We are called The Rabbit Hole Brigg. Just would like to know how and if we can link in. If we do survive we are looking at more regular gigs and events in Brigg.
    Be great to hear from you

    Nick Webb
    The Rabbit Hole

  2. FAO Alfie Benge and Robert Wyatt whom I am trying to contact re their support for Bobi Wine, Ugandan Musician & Presidential candidate in Uganda. PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO THEM. Thank you.

    Dear Alfie & Robert
    I have just seen that you were among many distinguished people who signed a petition on 14th January 2021 appealing for a fair Presidential election in UGANDA. Sadly, it was rigged – and followed by even more serious human rights violations. Thousands, including some CHILDREN as well as NUP (National Unity Platform, Bobi Wine’s party) MPs, have been “arrested”, abducted, detained in notorious prisons & other un-gazetted places, tortured, denied medical treatment and murdered – simply for supporting Bobi Wine (Kyagulanyi) and his NUP party. I am attaching photos, including some of Bobi Wine.

    Bobi Wine consistently calls for non-violent resistance. None of his supporters are armed or have ever used weapons. They are powerless against a military regime. Meanwhile, the world ignores the situation although it is so much worse than in Myanmar which is well publicised. It suits foreign governments, especially the UK and USA, to support Museveni.

    Ugandans are literally crying for help. Contrary to Museveni’s claims, there is plenty of evidence that Bobi Wine did, in fact, win the Presidential election.

    I am appealing to you and all your followers to sign this new petition to the UN Human Rights Council calling on the world to act. We haven’t yet got enough signatories to make a real impact and need help from people who care about the situation in Uganda to SIGN and SHARE the petition: https://www.change.org/Human-Rights-Violations-in-UGANDA-2021/ .

    Please continue to help Ugandans, especially Bobi Wine and his supporters. Thank you. For more information, please visit: https://margaretinuganda.com/uganda/crisis-in-uganda-2021/ or see the attached Briefing Document on the situation in Uganda.

    Best wishes
    Margaret Stevens

    1. Hi Margaret,

      I have passed your message on to Robert and Alfie for their attention.

      Best Regards,
      Dave Larder
      Editor – LAAMB

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