Beverley Wilkinson (Alicry Trinkets)

Alicry Trinkets Limited is one person. My name is Beverley Wilkinson, everyone calls me Buffy. I live in Lincoln, UK. I love to make things and since 2013 those things have mainly been of the beady variety.


Passionate about the beads, glass beads especially, I am fast learning not only new techniques but interesting things about the beads and semi-precious stones, including the newer man-made ones Opalite, Fordite and Goldstone.


While making and designing new things I’m also learning the business side 🙂 things like SEO and the difference between copyright and copy write, and exciting things about photography, light and locations, and boring things like taxes and marketing. Every photo on the website was taken and edited where necessary by myself.







Jewellery here ranges from cool casual to classy office and elegant formal with versatile pieces to compliment or co-ordinate with your wardrobe and best of all every piece is made in the UK with love and care and attention to detail. I work with three tenets in mind Simple, Stylish and Original and try to use at least one of them in everything I make.






I prefer my creations to be unique and individual, the knowledge that yours is the only one of those in the world is priceless. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to tell people when they compliment you on your jewellery, which they will.


Service is the highest priority, you should be completely happy with your purchase and have an enjoyable and frustration free shopping experience and while I hope there are none if you do have any problems at all please get in touch immediately.

Update – June 2018

Now solely selling on Etsy and at local craft fairs and markets. I’m at the Waterside shopping centre the last Saturday of every month with their craft fair.


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