Kate Brumby – Author & Poet

Kate Brumby is an Author and Poet who lives in North Lincolnshire.


As a child Kate found writing and reading very difficult – so much so an Educational Psychologist was asked to assess her. My parents were told her IQ was above average and that she had Dyslexia. Kate’s parents have always loved books and encouraged her to read what she could. Gradually her reading improved. Studying was never easy but Kate persevered.


It was whilst Kate was at the University College of Ripon & York St. John that she first wrote what she would describe as her first meaningful poem following the diagnosis of a malignant melanoma just a few weeks after becoming a Christian. Kate graduated in 1989 and worked as an Occupational Therapist for almost 20 years. Her writing during this time was intermittent often prompted by challenges and experiences. Encouraged by friends she self-printed two small poetry collections in the 1990’s.


Kate met her husband in 2003. Mike has always supported her love of writing – they were both delighted when she won an international poetry competition in 2009. In 2008 Kate self-printed a further poetry collection – the dream of having an ISBN has been lingering in the back of her mind ever since. It had been a hope that Mike and Kate would have had a family but as this proved not to be possible she retired from healthcare and widened her employment experiences to include several part-time jobs – the favourite by far was that of Kennel Maid.


Since August 2018 Kate has been enjoying the freedom of the absence of salaried work and have been able to explore more writing avenues. She has become much more prolific creating poems almost daily. Kate has also become somewhat of a bookworm. Her reading and writing are helped along with technology – oh how she loves Google, software that identifies mistakes, and her Kindle which Kate often listens to or reads along with.



‘In the Palm of His Hand’ is a collection of Christian poetry which includes pieces written some years ago and more recent pieces. This title was released in hardback format March 2019 and a Kindle edition in April, 2019.


Kate uses devotional language to bring joy and calm in today’s world. This beautiful edition includes thought-provoking images, selected by Kate, sharing her timeless verse.


Kate is currently working on another collection which includes more Christian poetry alongside anecdotal verse.










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