Nikita Spires

Nikita Spires is an artist based in Louth. 



Nikita says that art has always been her thing, studied it at GCSE and A levels and currently, she is undertaking an Art Diploma.





Nikita says: 


“I’ve always been encouraged by family and teachers but what really drove me were the careers advisers and people who told me I can’t have a job in art or be an artist. To grow up and think of a proper job.”




A study in surrealism (l)



Nikita wants to leave a lasting impression on the art world. That is her goal. She sells lots of her work mainly prints, and is currently printing a calendar of Louth paintings.



 (Above) St. James church, Louth, from Westgate with The Wheatsheaf Inn on the left.




(Above) Louth area of natural beauty, Hubbards Hills, with the iconic memorial to Annie Pahud.


Contact Nikita by email for enquiries and commissions.