Ros Jackson

Ros Jackson is an author specialising in young adult fantasy and epic fantasy. When she’s not conjuring up magic, dragons, and other malarkey on the page, she’s a district councillor in Louth, Lincolnshire, where she lives under the tyrannical paws of two ornery cats. Here, Ros talks about her books:



“My first book, The Secret Eater, was conceived as a challenge to myself. I wanted to see if I could write something compelling without resorting to the usual easy hooks of sex and violence that drive a lot of fiction. The result was a light-hearted story featuring a demoness with more guts than sense. The main character is literally invisible most of the time, and the Kenssie series deals with the conflict between wanting to make your mark and feeling desperate to fly under everyone’s radar.”


“In Diabolical Taste, the sequel to The Secret Eater, Kenssie is learning more about her own powers, but she’s still under the spell of another demon who exploits her sense of shame. I wanted to explore the way some people use embarrassment to manipulate others, often without the victim realising what is going on.”


“One of the reasons I gravitate towards fantasy is the way it can be used to craft elaborate metaphors. The monsters are never just monsters, and the magic can always be made to stand for something else, so there’s a lot of fun to be had putting layers of meaning into a story that seems on the surface to be a rip-roaring adventure or a witty romp with demons.”


“Melody of Demons is darker in tone, an epic fantasy for an adult audience. I explore themes of belonging and trust. The main characters are all outsiders who don’t feel like they fit in, but when they discover people are going missing in their city the crisis brings them together, willingly or otherwise, to solve the mystery. It’s a swashbuckling carnival of adventure, angst, swaggering rogues, and pulse-racing action that fans of Margaret Weiss and Tracey Hickman will enjoy.”



“The next book in the trilogy, Symphony of War, broadens the epic scale as the main characters get crazy with swords, pitched battles, and dragon magic, and break the confines of their own world. The twist at the end of this novel will have readers reassessing the heroes and villains and wondering who is ever on the right side of history.”



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