Wild Freya – Unique Wall Hangings

Wild Freya is the brainchild of multi talented Louth Artist, Totty Simpson.


Started in November 2017, as a way of creating wall hangings for family and friends at Christmas, the idea quickly ballooned into a fully fledged home business for Totty, who is also a member of successful local band, Dukes de Luda.


Totty says that she is so proud of Wild Freya and what it has become. Thanking everyone who has supported her, she adds that


“people are not only helping me to support my family, but also a small independent Artist, and I am eternally grateful for that”.








Wild Freya now produces  wall hangings handmade in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds from locally sourced wood.







The ethos of this unique business states:


“Wild Freya empowers us to nurture our creative spirit and the divine energy which flows through us all”






This is a very personal and thoughtful process that the Artist immerses herself into fully. Totty is also aware that her materials for the most part should be sustainable for the environment so she can offer a vegan alternative to her hangers using banana yarns and hemp twine.


The wood used in all hangers are the remnants from the Lincolnshire forestry industry.


Deadline for Christmas Orders: November 26, 2018



Follow the links below to view the styles available.


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   Messenger: m.me/wildfreya