Eboracum Baroque

Eboracum Baroque’s Autumn and Winter season is an ambitious programme of events that will feature high quality concerts including dazzling choral works and intimate chamber music recitals.


Eboracum Baroque is an ensemble of young professional singers and instrumentalists, described as ‘Spectacular’ by Classic FM. The group was formed in 2012 by Chris Parsons at the University of York and has performed across the UK and Europe in prestigious venues and festivals including Senate House, Cambridge, The Temple Church, London and Christuskirche, Hannover. As well as their concert performances, they have given fully staged performances of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas and Handel’s Acis and Galatea.



The ensemble performs many famous works from across the Renaissance and Baroque period. They have a particular specialism in English music from the 17th and 18th Century and they endeavour to champion lesser-known English composers from the period. In January 2015 Eboracum Baroque recorded their first CD Music for Wimpole Hall, which was funded by the National Trust and Arts Council England. The CD features music by English Baroque composer Thomas Tudway (1650-1726) and was recorded at Wimpole Hall near Cambridge, where Tudway worked from 1714-1726. It was described by The Guardian as ‘Stylish Choral Singing and playing.’ Their second CD Sounds of Suffolk was released in November 2018 and features forgotten music from 18th century Suffolk including violin sonatas by Joseph Gibbs and music from Ickworth House.


They perform at a number of National Trust estates across the UK, including Wimpole Hall, Oxburgh Hall and Canons Ashby where they present programmes unique to the history of each property. The group have also given performances at the famous Orchard Tea Garden in Grantchester.


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Nick Hudson – NEW EP

Brighton based, Louth expat, Nick Hudson, has released a NEW 8 track EP “K69996ROMA:EP”


Track Listing:


1. The Ballad Of K69996 Roma 06:42
2. We Darken Horses 03:46
3. You Eat With Your Eyes 03:13
4. If I Get Killed It’s 100% The Fault Of Alain Delon And His Godfather Francois Marcantoni 03:51
5. Amber And The Ambergrines (sic) 03:29
6. A Congregation Of One 03:16
7. Asymmetric: A Forgery 03:11
8. The Florist 02:30


View on Bandcamp


Here’s a message from Nick:


‘K69996ROMA:EP’ is the shadow cast in the desert by the brutalist garret of ‘Font Of Human Fractures’ – like ‘Amnesiac’ to its ‘Kid A’, if you will. This takes the Pasolini-inspired ‘The Ballad Of K69996 Roma’ from that record and refracts it through a prism of… gay communist black metal chamber electronica,..


The EP consists of 8 diverse tracks, including ‘Asymmetric: A Forgery’, a track that was originally composed and recorded for ‘Font Of Human Fractures, but was omitted due to running time restrictions on the vinyl edition. ‘The Florist’, co-written with Kianna Blue (The Academy of Sun), proposes a kind of metaphysical tabula rasa, as the protagonist self-immolates in a flower shop, and ascends.


Channeling Pasolini’s communism, and the contradictions within his own ‘brand’ of it – alongside my own contemporarily-heightened anxieties and allegiances – the political angles are sharper on this release than on others. As such it felt right to include my interpretation of Robert Wyatt’s beautiful ‘Amber And The Ambergrines’ (sic) in the set,


Availably digitally and as a hyper-limited 4-panel CD digipak presented inside ACAB-silkscreened gold metallic envelope with bonus track in the form of a score printed on floral paper, with an original minature artwork by Nick Hudson. Also available in a limited edition of less-ornamented but very beautiful Cd Digipak.


I hope you’ll enjoy this companion to Font, and thank you all of you for your support.


Stay well,


Nick xoo

Whiffing the Peaches – “Outside”

Coinciding with the release of their first EP, “Raff Riff”, Whiffing the Peaches have simultaneously delivered a new single, “Outside”.


Featuring stunning solo’s by Trev Nimmo (Trumpet), and Ade White (Guitars, multi Instruments and Production), this track is completed with vocals that only the amazing Owenna (Trish) McKenna could deliver. This is undoubtedly the band’s best song to date, and is set to feature on Lonely Oak Radio in the USA.


This is the final track on the 4 song EP “Raff Riff” and is included in the “NEW TRACKS” listing for September.


You can listen to the track here, or shoot over to the WTP page in the LAAMB Shop, where it’s available to download/buy, along with the rest of the songs on the EP.


Whiffing the Peaches – “Outside”


Whiffing the Peaches – “Raff Riff” EP

Today marks a NEW milestone in the developing career of Grimsby/Cleethorpes Rock/Funk Trio, Whiffing the Peaches with the release of their EP, “Raff Riff”.


This 4 song EP covers 3 previously released tracks plus a brand new single “Outside”, which includes a superb Trumpet solo by Trev Nimmo, some medieval guitar work by Ade White, and completed with absolutely exquisite vocals by Owenna “Trish” McKenna.


Opening with “What Yer Gonna Do” , the EP continues with (current LAAMB Number One), “Ranting at the TV”. Next, Ade and Trev deliver the EP’s title track, “Raff Riff”, (a multi genre instrumental), before closing up with “Outside”.


With 8 more tracks yet to be recorded, the band are planning to release an album, either late this year, or early 2022.


Whiffing the Peaches is a side project of the larger covers band, Skip of Fools; the trio wanting to write and record their own songs. The mix of backgrounds of the three musicians, makes and interesting diversity of genre, styles and delivery, thus each track is unique.


The four tracks are available to purchase/download at just £0.89 each, from the LAAMB DIGITAL SHOP.

Poem: Ode to an Unfortunate Man

Fatman Butter

Fatman Butter is the creation of London poet, Steve Byrne.


Though Fatman Butter is a crusty sixty something on the outside, he is little more than a teenager on the inside.


A self-confessed extrovert, he recognizes the ying to that yang by nurturing the introvert part of his imagination and transforming what he finds there to writing. Though he considers no genre safe from his pen, he has a fondness of horror, science fiction and fantasy of an off key ilk.


When not dreaming, or writing, Fatman is never happier than when listening to live music. So if you find yourself in a club or a bar when there’s a soul, funk or jazz performance happening, take a look around; if Fatman’s there don’t be shy of saying hi, as his other great love is meeting people.


Ode to an Unfortunate Man by Fatman Butter


Sweet Lady Luck looks my way only in the glow of that rare blue moon
She’s not been by in such a long while…She’s expected no time soon
If maybe I gets an urge to step out looking for some good-time fun
all I find’s an ugly girl, whose daddy’s on the prowl, with a loaded gun
It’s no surprise when I throw tumbling bones, pleading twos and fives
Every roll falls short…and once again, the settle shows snake’s eyes


That day, when I was born, thunder growled, red rain fell, and blue lightning flashed,
a voodoo priestess screamed some mambo-jumbo, and a thousand mirrors smashed
In the East a hurricane arose, stealing pretty cherry blossoms from the trees,
while old Mister Split-Foot, he did laugh and he did dance, knowing I was his


If I ever gets to have a taste of honey
it’s surefire, the bee will come sting me
Wary gypsy women folk smile, expressing sympathy,
They offer sprigs of heather, saying for me it’s free
Four-leaf clover, rabbit’s foot, I’ve tried every remedy
Got myself an iron horseshoe…when an old mare kicked me


I don’t know whose hand shook Satan’s hand, landing me this dirty curse
But I swear I will kill the next man who says, Cheer up, it could be worse
Maybe one day my bad luck will change, I’ll find a way to break this spell
Come that day, sorry to say, I’ll be at the fireside, beyond the gates of hell

Opportunities – GTFC Mariners Trust


Grimsby Town Supporters Mariners Trust are open to considering music artists for the Fanzone area.


Artists will need their own equipment and the performance area is suitable for either solo artists or a duo.


Primarily, the Mariners Trust view this as a showcasing opportunity, although they are happy for performers to carry out a ‘bucket collection’. There may be the occasional chance for a paid performance.


The Trust do not envisage these to be long sessions. Pre match for a Saturday game would incorporate a session from 12.15 to 12.45 and then perhaps 13.15 to 13.45. After that the clubs tannoy system kicks in.


To enquire about these opportunities, please contact Chris Parker at The Mariners Trust via email

St James’ Church, Louth – Ruth Lee

Harpist Ruth Lee, is our lunchtime recitalist in St James’, Louth this Friday, 20 August at 1pm.


We are privileged and delighted to welcome this talented young artist to join the distinguished list of performers in this summer’s most successful series.


The exciting and entrancing sounds of Ruth’s harp will enhance the setting and generous acoustic of our beautiful church.


Our popular, high quality recital series is free entry with opportunity for contribution to music funds if wished.




Awuya (Sally Beamish)
Music of the Angels (Ruth Lee)
The Nightingale (Deborah Henson-Conant)
Dyr (Ruth Lee)
Baroque Flamenco (Deborah Henson-Conant)






An award-winning young music artist based in Lincolnshire, Ruth Lee is an award-winning composer and harpist. Selected by the United Kingdom Harp Association as an Emerging Artist of 2020-2021, her work often fuses folk and contemporary classical musical styles. She recently performed her piece ‘Dyr’, winner of the Iain Macleòid Young Composer Award 2019, at the Virtual Edinburgh International Harp Festival and is looking forward to performing a programme of music featuring her own compositions at the World Harp Congress 2022.


Her other accolades include First Prize at The Future Blend Project, First Prize at the Wales Harp Composition Competition, Highly Commended at the North London Camac Competition, and Runner-Up at the East Coast Musician of the Year. She is a graduate of the University of York (First-Class BA Hons. Music), where she studied with Eleanor Turner, and was awarded both The Wilfrid Mellers Prize for Music and a Concerto Award.


Alongside her performance and compositional work, Ruth works as a private tutor.


Contact Ruth via her web site