Lincolnshire Time and Tide Bell – Arts Exhibition

A Continuing Arts Programme facing the British Coasts

Sunday 26th June 2022, we are holding an art exhibition at Spout Yard Gallery, Louth.


Celebrating Refugee Week, on Sunday 26th June 2022, East Lincolnshire Area of Sanctuary and Lincs Time and Tide Bell are holding an event at Spout Yard, Louth. Join us with your picnic while enjoying music and song from local artistes and visit an art exhibition in the Gallery devoted to Ukrainian artistic culture and the issues of migration. Meet some of our new friends from Ukraine and other countries and find out about the work of East Lincolnshire Area of Sanctuary.


We are planning an art exhibition and still have space for some further contributions. You are invited to paint a picture, or create some other artwork, that speaks to the plight of refugees or honours the traditional cultures of Ukraine and other lands where conflict and strife is forcing migration. In the first instance at least, this is just a one-day exhibition, though we may be able to display artworks at future events. If you think you might like to contribute to this exhibition, please email me at as soon as possible. We don’t have much time to organise this, so hurry! Or perhaps you have an existing artwork that tells some story of Ukrainian culture that you might be willing to loan for exhibition?


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Statement: Aor Osipov of Imperial Age

When the conflict in Ukraine started, the rock band, Imperial Age, were stuck in their native Russia. Aware that they had to get out of the country, two left, then another two. Most of the band is now based in Turkey.


We publish the words of band leader, Alexander “Aor” Osipov, not to take any side, but to offer another perspective on the situation facing normal people like us.


“In Russia, only 9% have foreign passports, and only 5% have ever been abroad. 95% have no experience at all, that things could be otherwise.


I am very grateful to fate that I have visited almost all the countries of Europe, as well as China, Nepal, Egypt, Turkey, and as a child I lived in several of them – mainly in Britain and Germany. Back then I did not appreciate it and wanted to go home. But now I understand how priceless this gift is, and how much it has shaped my consciousness.


When you see all these people, you understand that in the vast majority they are simple, kind and sincere. That almost everywhere its plus or minus the same thing, if we take the life of ordinary people. That all these differences: language, nation, religion – are complete bullshit and evil, just a reason to kill each other out of the blue. That there is no “mentality” – just people who want to live normally.


No way can they bullshit me with the crap about “decaying West”, “ring of enemies”, “Russophobia” and all these lies, the purpose of which is to divide people and maintain the power of corrupt elites in a separate territory where they can pour any nonsense into people’s ears. Only they win from people hating each other and do not communicating with each other.


I advise everyone – no matter how hard it is now – to travel, learn foreign languages and culture. Chat with people all over the world. Maintain a connection that they are trying to hack with all their might. Closing yourself in one territory when there is a whole world out there is infinitely stupid.


If everyone had the opportunity to travel the world and communicate with each other, there would be so much less unjustified anger, but there would be much more peace, friendship and mutual understanding. The planet is our common home, and we all just want to live normally in it.


And who cares what leader outlined the border of a tribe with his urine, what flag he hung up there and what stupid arguments he is trying to rub into everyone just to cling on to power.


We are not apes – we are Humans. Or at least most of us are…”

Aor of Imperial Age.

Support for Ukraine

In Support of Ukraine

“We are not apes – we are Humans. Or at least most of us are…”

(Aor Osipov / Imperial Age – March, 2022) – FULL STATEMENT


Nick Hudson – Lights/Svoboda


Fundraiser song for Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid.

100% PROFITS to approved charities.


Buy NOW!


Misty Shape

“Governments Divide the World, Artists Unite It”


(Igor Balobin (R) of Misty Shape – Voronezh, Russia, 2022)

Lincoln Alt Metal Band Members Required

Lincoln based rock and alt metal band Disordered Reality are looking for 3 new members ASAP.




Recent differences resulted in us extremely reluctantly parting ways with our previous singer.


We would like a powerful replacement who can guide our band with lyrics and vocal melodies for our next Album which we are starting to write in a few weeks time.


We shall be recording the album at our guitarists home studio and using a RODE NTK valve condenser Microphone.


You will need to have transport for gigs.




After spending quite a lot of money on two kits and rehearsal costs, our drummer has decided to leave further to personal circumstance.


We are therefore unfortunately seeking a replacement with preferable an electronic kit to do some work on a new album.


Ideally the person will have transport.


As with our first album, we plan to record our second with an electronic kit and the exceptionally good Superior Drummer 3 by Toontrack. Our Digital Audio Workstation also includes WAVES 13 effects and Cubase Artist 11.


A working version of the drum package (with standalone) can be provided to the successful drummer for PC and combined with a MIDI drum kit and the ASIO4ALL driver will work on most desktops and laptops.


Our guitarist is a very experienced producer (being a former session player and voluntary producer) and produced the majority of the music on our debut album.”


Bass Guitarist:


What is one man’s good fortune and hard work means that our bass player is leaving us due to a promotion at work and time restraints.


We are therefore unfortunately seeking a replacement with preferable all equipment, transport and access to a sequencer to do some work on a new album.


Ideally the person will have transport.


The new set shall be a combination of our debut album and new songs so you will need to learn the best of our debut album.


Full samples and details upon request.



Band Profile Page

Black Pearl – NEW Album

BLACK PEARL is a brand new contemporary rock-blues project featuring London based, Detroit vocalist/guitarist Marcus Malone, former Wishbone Ash guitarist and arranger Muddy Manninen and songwriter Pete Feenstra.


Originally conceived as a song writing project between Muddy and Pete during loackdown , the former Motown signing Marcus Malone quickly came on board to add his unique vocal phrasing to a project that spans rock, blues, Americana and Latino.


Helsinki born, UK based Muddy Manninen was the songwriter and guitarist for Wishbone Ash for 4 albums over 13 years. He also worked on the Tom Dowd produced Gringos Locos album ‘Punch Drunk’. In 2017 he became a solo artist and has cut 2 albums while continuing to work with saxophonist Patsy Gamble.


Detroit born Marcus Malone learnt his craft opening for the likes of Bob Seger and Iggy Pop, before being coveted by Motown records. He was relocated to LA by Ike Turner’s management and the result was the all star ‘Marcus’ album, still available on Rock Candy records. He has cut 7 solo albums and has enjoyed both IBBA and Dutch Hit Tracks success with the Malone Sibun album ‘Come Together’.


Pete Feenstra is an award winning blues promoter, blues-rock DJ and songwriter. who topped the German Roots rock charts. Pete is well known to LAAMB subscribers as he has played several tracks on his award winning radio shows, by local musicians, including Dave Hunt and Whiffing The Peaches.


The Black Pearl project has now recorded an album, the self titled “Black Pearl”, to be released on 23 April with the single “Price on Love” to be released on March 30.


Muddy Manninen:


“I had just completed my River Flows” album and then we had to lock down. I was talking to Pete about some song ideas, but I wanted someone else to sing them.”


Marcus Malone:


“Pete contacted me about a song writing project with Muddy for an EP. It was lockdown, we had time on our hand, I liked the songs and we just dived in deep to see what we could come up with.”


Pete Feenstra:


The idea was to tap into honest emotions and thematic narratives with an open-ended musical approach. It took us to places we hadn’t imagined.”


Album Tracks:


1) Angel Town: Heavy duty

2) Cheap Perfume: Pure Blues

3) Delivery Man: Funky backbeat, Beautiful arrangement

4) Handmade Pearl: Groovey

5) Luxury Girl: Funky

6) Mexican Romance: Funky

7) Moment of Regret: Gospel blues

8) Natural Light: Blues rocker

9) Price on Love: Funky blues (the lead single)

10) She Know Every Move: Funky blues into proggy feel inspired by Little Feat

11) With My baby By My Side: Cinematic and portentous feel.





Pete Feenstra

Mick Pini / Audio 54 – Pastoral EP

NEW: Mick Pini / Audio 54 (aka Craig Marshall) 4 track digital EP ‘Pastoral’


Press Release


The German based blues guitarist Mick Pini and UK producer Craig Marshall (aka Audio 54) announced a new self release EP “Pastoral” on Feb 28th.


It will be available on / and all leading digital platforms.


The 4 track EP is the first of 2 leading to a new album. It also marks the duo’s second collaboration following last year’s acclaimed ‘Backtrack’ anniversary album.


“Pastoral” is an overarching conceptual title track that taps into the reflective mode of Mick’s playing and makes an essential connection between his music and art. He’s an equally good painter and photographer as evidenced by the EP’s artwork.


According to Wikipedia, a pastoral lifestyle: “lends its name to a genre of literature, art, and music (pastorale) that depicts such life in an idealized manner, typically for urban audiences.”


In musical terms it can also be: “A composition for instruments characterized by simplicity and sweetness.”


Pini moulds the latter concept to his own ends by finding a bluesy idyllic sensibility via his delicate touch and beautiful tone. This brings real feel and emotion to the title track. It’s a mixture of rustic reflection and spiritual enquiry, beautifully realized with the ghost of Peter Green.


It’s also the touchstone to 4 tracks that take us on a musical journey from introspection to pure exhilaration.


The tracks were recorded Mick’s ‘House of Happiness’ studios in Germany and Craig Marshall’s Audio 54 set-up in the UK and the result finds septuagenarian Pini exploring a creative high.


“I’ve always enjoyed a challenge” explains Mick. “When I first recorded with Mike Vernon it was my first time in a proper studio and with musical guests, but it brought out the best in me. It’s the same with Craig whose contemporary approach and innovative ideas have pushed the music into new and exciting directions.”


Craig adds: “We also had to record remotely which was totally new for Mick, but by the end of the project we had a real connection. You can hear it in his playing.”


Pini dips into his own back catalogue for “Careless”, a beautiful melodic, soulful groove with a catchy uplifting radio friendly hook, topped by a warm vocal and Craig’s feather light production
The Audio 54 style ‘Spark’ is a Marshall penned percussive groove which finds Mick illuminating a track with a subliminal Traffic feel with judicious echo and wah-wah.


The EP closes with ‘Just Playin’ which finds Pini in a retro mode, as he interweaves his sinewy tone with an earthy sax on a back porch after hours feel. It sounds like Freddie King meets King Curtis with an Albert Collins chicken squawk, refracted through Pini’s own delicate touch


So there you have it, the perfect taster for a creative collaboration that has realised 20 tracks in all. Press play and enjoy the beginning of the ride.


For more details contact: Pete Feenstra: Tel: 07720 290 417/

Nick Hudson – Fundraiser Song for Ukraine

Hey all,


My new song “Lights Svoboda” released today on Bandcamp, is a fundraiser for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.


On Bandcamp Friday, Bandcamp waives it’s fees, so 100% of sales will go directly to the nominated charities. After Bandcamp Friday, 100% of sales after Bandcamp has deducted its fees will be donated.


The two charities will be Red Cross Ukraine and Razom Ukraine – divided equally.


My bank has said they will double any donations to Red Cross Ukraine. My reasoning behind dividing donations across the two charities is that they both cover slightly different areas of aid – I’m hoping for coverage with our donations. Thank you.


The opening features a recording I made in Georgia, into my Soviet cassette recorder, of my 20 year old Russian exile friend who fled to Georgia to avoid facing criminal charges for protesting Navalny’s imprisonment. I had him say “freedom, hope and truth” in Russian. He’s headed to join the Ukrainian army this week.


It features myself on piano, voice, Soviet analogue synth, melodica and field recordings, and Kianna Blue on backing vocals and bass. Originally written for The Quiet Earth but now uncannily and undesirably relevant.


Svoboda, Nadezdah, Pravda

Slava Ukraini.


Nick xoo

Skip of Fools at The Nunny March 5 20:45


After 4 years in the making, Grimsby Alt Rock Covers band, Skip of Fools, are undertaking their first gig since pre-covid days.


The well practiced lineup is:


Kieth Dillon: guitar and vocals
Trish McKenna: Vocals
John Ramsden: drums
David Foulds: keyboards and vocals
Nigel Tombs: percussion and vocals
Ade White: bass
Trev Nimmo: trumpet and vocals


VENUE: The Nunsthorpe Tavern, Sutcliffe Avenue, Nunsthorpe, Grimsby, DN33 1HA
DATE: Saturday, March 5, 2022
TIME: 20:45

RIP Anton Drewery (February, 2022)





RIP Anton Drewery (Feb, 2022)


Voodoo Ramble’s New single “London Town”

Thoroughbred Music is delighted to announce the release of Voodoo Ramble’s new single

‘London Town’

impacting now from  the forthcoming album

Can’t Write a Pop Song (When You’ve Got the Blues)  



Leading Croatian rock/blues band Voodoo Ramble, led by vocalist and guitarist Boris Zamba release the new single ‘London Town’ from their forthcoming album ‘Can’t Write a Pop Song (when you’ve got the blues)’


Boris Zamba quotes: London Town, the second Voodoo Ramble single from forthcoming album may sound a bit different from their well-known blues rock sound but you still hear that recognisable band groove. London Town is a song written by Zamba, with lyrics written by Pete Feenstra. Zamba said: “I wanted to make this song sound like it came from a Londoner as much as possible. The lyrics describe the city and its vibe so precisely, so I had to follow that feeling. It’s nice to do something with a slightly different approach as I feel I’m somehow “connected” to the city, a homage”.


Zamba who has been described by Get Ready To Rock Radio as “mixing an authentic feel for the blues with the ability to craft a song”, has already gained critical praise for his live performances and Voodoo Ramble recordings. He says of the single: “It’s the first time I’ve collaborated on the song writing process and it’s given me real focus in delivering what we both had in mind.”


After building up their reputation on the festival and club circuit, Voodoo Ramble gained considerable exposure by playing the 30th International Blues Challenge in Memphis and the 2016 European Blues Challenge in Tuscany, Italy.


‘London Town’, which follows the previous single, ‘I Know It’s You’ was shaped and mastered by Drago Smokrovic Smokva (aka. The Fig), which reflected the current hardships of the world during Lockdown. It was the perfect vehicle for Boris to reflect on his own difficult experience of suffering from Covid19, but thankfully despite being very ill, finally recovering.


Voodoo Ramble was founded in 2010 by guitarist, song writer and producer of the band, Boris Zamba . Throughout the years their repertoire was moving from blues to rock and back to the blues. With a considerable number of live gigs on a biker parties, blues festivals and other events band has earned a status of a reliable, quality, energetic live band.


Boris is available for interviews and live sessions, for more details contact:


Adrian Collis: Tel: 07727 126645