LAAMB Book Promotion

LAAMB is about more than music. It is inclusive of ALL Arts and Artists whatever their genre.


With the imminent publication of a new book by Robert Wyatt and Alfie Benge, we’ve affiliated with Blackwell’s Books (UK) in a push to promote local Authors and related books.


For the next couple of weeks, we’ll highlight a book daily, and we ask where possible, please support these local authors.




Day 1: From Louth author, Ros Jackson – The Secret Eater


You can read all about Ros HERE

Winter Solstice by Michele Slatter

Winter Solstice by Michele Slatter

(A glance at solstice from an upside down perspective)


The day ages quickly
goes grey
needs lights: street lights, headlights
early night, longest sleep
dreams of youth
grey gives way to gold again, cold to heat.
No dream!


However I still think of summer solstice in June:
June Solstice: North


Day’s slow, slow, slowest fade
pale lawns, soft airs, fireflies, laughter
dark days wait.

‘And Rise Again’ Poem by Michele Slatter

‘And Rise Again’ by Michele Slatter

This topsy-turvy land,
This palimpsest, where north is south and night is day
And water swirls down drains the other way
And incomers, defying all their senses,
Inscribed a calendar with no pretence
Of recognising seasons of the local year,
Celebrates Easter just as autumn’s here.

The days grow short, the nights grow dark,
The colours fade as harvest, vendage, cropping mark
The end of growth, a rest, a pause, a cycle
In hibernation phase: the archetypal
Time of Pluto who, with horses black,
Welcomes Persephone as she comes back
To Hades. Demeter, her grieving mother
Withholds her bounty under winter’s cover.

So celebrating resurrection and new life
As nature falls into its darkest phase
Could seem perverse, ill-judged and out of place,
Driven by habit and commercial gain.
But 2020 is not any year. Do we still want the same
Pre-hibernation life or seek some change?
Perhaps remake anew our polity
To rise again: ‘fair go’ revived; less inequality?


Michele Slatter lives in Adelaide. Educated at Durham University and University College London, she is a semi-retired law academic who has written extensively professionally and continues to undertake consultancy and research. With time to do so now, however, she also enjoys the adventure of writing ‘faction’ and occasionally poetry, and is a member of an active writers’ group.

Radio Al Hara – Repeat

Show to be repeated on 26 May at 8 pm BST


Following a tip off and conversation with Robert Wyatt, we’ve decided to add a link to a radio station in Palestine.


Radio Al Hara operates out of Ramallah and plays music from all around the world. There’s a live Comments section too.


On Tuesday, May 12 at 12.30 pm BST, Radio Al Hara will be playing some of Robert Wyatt’s songs.


We’re hoping to provide a future show of LAAMB tracks (with permission from the musicans) to Al Hara for inclusion in their schedule.


We also hope to bring some songs from Palestinan musicians into the LAAMB playlists.



Top Twenty Chart

LAAMB has devised a Top 20 Chart of the most popular tracks across several platforms. The main TWO are the Number of plays on Drooble per week, PLUS a POLL on the LAAMB web site.


Tracks are submitted by artists for inclusion. Each week, TEN new tracks are added into a separate list, and these have a separate poll to show popularity. They are then pitted against the current Top 20 tracks, and that is how the chart is created.


There are quite a few local artist’s featurning, together with music from all over the world. Such is the reach of the LAAMB project.


Visit the charts page where you can listen to ALL tracks – both Top 20 and NEW songs, and vote for your favourite in each category.



DROOBLE – Social Media for Musicians.


I’ve now been on Drooble for 17 days and the stats so far are amazing. Until yesterday evening, I had uploaded 3 selected tracks as a kind of R & D project for myself. In the 17 days, these are some of those stats:


Song Plays: 203

Listeners: 134

Followers: 57

Applauds (Likes): 85

Comments: 99


On top of those, the number of countries where Listeners are from is 36. Highest Number of Listeners: USA, UK, Argentina, Canada, Bulgaria, France and Mexico.


Follow this link to see for yourselves.