Peter Anthony Robinson “Death Watches Over Us” Album

We’ve taken a step (forwards?) by moving into download sales. Thanks to Peter Anthony Robinson, we’ve listed his new album as a downloadable product – either the whole album or individual tracks.


We’ve also provided a format option for the complete album which gives a choice of MP3. M4A or WAV. Individual tracks at this stage are M4A format only.


“Death Watches Over Us” is a ten track album by ex Grimbarian (now living in Spain) Pedro.


The tracks are all new, except “Blood in the Snow” and an early review by our American friend, Fake Zappa, brought the word “awsome” into the conversation a few times.


The advantage of hosting downloadable albums is that we provide the listener the opportunity to Listen First/Buy Later that generally, we can’t offer for physical CD’s.


Tracks are modestly priced at £0.89 each, while the complete album is £7.99.


Check it out HERE

LAAMB Mixcloud Shows

I’m going to be adding more of these as they seem to be getting a lot more attention internationally than the web site. Also, they’re very easy to promote on Social Media. The recent one for Suburban Toys hit the fifty views mark in the first couple of hours of publishing.


However, because of this newly found international recognition, I think it’s only fair that we add a new group to the LAAMB family which I plan to name “International LAAMBS”. This will allow me to maintain the local Lincolnshire content local, while at the same time, providing a platform for those who support us from overseas.


Currently, I have requests for inclusion from a couple of bands in our former hometown of Cairns in North Queensland, Australia, as well as others in Brasil, United States, Europe and Japan. Therefore I have a plan for a “LAAMB Introduces International LAAMBS”.


Don’t forget, anybody can have a track or tracks on one of our Mixcloud shows. It’s quite simple and it doesn’t cost you anything. I’m especially hoping to do a more “Classical” show as soon as I can get half an hour together. So come on you Concert Societies, and Classical musicians, don’t be left out. LAAMB is about you guys too.


If you’re not sure what Mixcloud is, take a look HERE.

Jane Air Vintage Clothing and Other Interesting Stuff

Louth based Cartoonist and Poet, Jane Air, is selling many items of clothing that will be of interest to Collectors.

Whilst some vintage items are in the £80  – £120 price range, the majority are under £25, with many under a tenner.

Please take a look, and if possible, make a purchase so that Jane can sustain the excellent work that she does to support the environment, Louth Hospital and those affected by Government cuts in funding to the most vulnerable.

Take a look at Jane’s eBay listings HERE



Of Interest to Artiste’s

What is an Artiste? What makes them “click”?


It doesn’t matter what you do within the Arts, you ARE an Artiste. You think up, prepare and deliver your work, just like any other profession. Once your “piece” is published, is that the point at which you become an Artiste?


Whatever your genre, be it music, visual or spoken Art, there must be a point where you think “that’s it, I’ve cracked it. I am indeed an Artiste.”


Or, is that description the who process of being creative? If you have a dream, wake up and commit that dream to manuscript, does that make you and Artiste? Or is it only when that work is complete that you can feel satisfied with your success?


Do “Completion” and “Publication” go hand in hand? Can you be an Artiste if you complete your work, but rather than publish, you retain it for your own personal enjoyment?


Is your status in the eye of yourself, as Creator or viewers as Critics?


Only you can decide.

New Profiles

Quite a few new profiles to be added in the next week or two.


Peter Anthony Robinson is a singer/songwriter and musician, originally from Grimsby, now based in Spain.


You can read about his music here:


and listen to selected tracks here:



If you like Peter’s work, please leave a comment. We’re always looking for encouragement for our local musicians.

Gig in the Garden 2018

This year’s Gig in the Garden will take place at The Priory Hotel, Louth on Sunday 26 August from 1.00 pm. The musical line up is displayed below:



This year, GITG is introducing the “Artists Avenue” – an extravaganza of local Art and Artists, including some incredible Craft displays. Among those attending the Arts Avenue are:


Alicry Trinketts – (Bev Wilkinson Hand Made Jewelry)


Lorena Jane –  (Inclusive Arts Education Lincoln) 


Janice SWIRL Crafts (Crafts Louth)


Wolds Wools (Crafts, Louth)


Keri Blake (Photography) Louth Jayne Cooper – (Artist Louth) 


Madeleine Mcglone – (Face Painting Louth)


Elaine Garton – Street Artist (Crackpot Louth) 


Elaine Calderwood – Artsist (Louth) 


Andrew Bailie – Artist (Lincoln) 






Musicians for Help for Heroes in Lincoln

Is/are there any 1940s inspired musician/singer types out there that would like to come and perform for an hour or so at Valentine Retail Park, Tritton Road, Lincoln. I’m thinking a ‘busking’ type set up rather than a fully fledged set up. It’s for an Armed Forces Week charity fundraiser, weekend 7th/8th July. I can’t offer you payment, but would suit anyone who just loves to sing/perform vintage music/style. Get your name out there? Gain experience? I’d consider some dancers too as long as you had your own Insurances.


Lincs County Coord
Help for Heroes