DSG Project – R Music

With everything in lockdown due to Covid-19, there have been some inovative schemes to get music heard.


One such project was “R Music”, the brainchild of Alan Phillips of the Shrewsbury duo, Arcane. The challenge was to provide a basic tune, then get other musicians to (remotely) add their own music/words to end up with a complete song. The end result was the track, R Music, with contributions from 27 musicians from around the world, including locals Ian and Connie Miles (Mad Dog Howling/Revivalry) and fellow LAAMB family member, Alice Brown from Inverness in Scotland.


Connie & Ian Miles

Alan Phillips said:


“Written and performed by 27 individual amateurs that have never met. No plan just a basic set of rules to follow. Musicians working together in a pandemic many of them affected by riots. The guy on the Clarinet, Paul Swiderski couldn’t take his second go because he lives in Minnesota and his town was burning. Please have a listen, it’s surprisingly good if you have any interest. I am pretty certain it is unique. Anything like this before I can find has been pre-written or has had an orchestra called in. It’s like do they no it’s Christmas but without Midge Ure witting it first. I wondered if it was possible to play pass the parcel with music in a home recording environment. 8 bars each. Overdub or continuation.”






LINK to song (on Drooble)


Full list of contributors:



Alice Brown

1 Alan Phillips (Arcane). Production. Acoustic and Lead Guitar.
2 Richard Groce. Drums and Bass.
3 Neil Cake. Drums.
4 The Space Metal Guru. Electric guitar.
5 Michael Carsley. Synths and Steel Drums.
6 Kevin Renshaw. Synths and Vocals.
7 Greg Moran. Electric guitar.
8 Paul Swiderski. Clarinet.
9 Stefanosis Hansraj. Ukulele.
10 Giorgio Finetti. Fretless Bass and Violin.
11 Templo Dos Martyrs. Electric Guitar.
12 The Rapid Cycling. Vocals.
13 One Less Issue. Drums.
14 Finlay Blackwood. Bass.
15 Ian Miles. Guitar and Bass.
16 Connie Miles. Vocals.
17 Harrison Winter. Synths and Electric guitar
18 Sean Foley. Drums.
19 Rob Summerlin. Piano and synths.
20 Loopy Lady. Piano.
21 Kirk Randle. Bass.
22 Alice Brown. Acoustic Guitar.
23 Anna Anawalt. Vocals and African Drums.
24 Urban Underground. Bass.
25 Terry Walsh (Arcane). Vocals.
26 Broken Chain. Lead Guitar.
27 Brian Lee. Acoustic Guitar.


This has been an amazing collaboration and coordination from start to finish, and it shows just what is possible in these uncertain days.


If you’re not on Drooble already, you can join HERE – it’s FREE.