Immy Lyon and Daniella Mills – Photographic Exhibition

Immy Lyon (L) and Daniella Mills. Photo: Oscar Konradson

Two of Louth’s aspiring Photographers are currently holding an exhibition of their work in the town.


Immy Lyon and Daniella Mills, who are both 18 years of age and studying Photography at Grimsby College, are showcasing their work at Gallery 16, located inside Crackpot on Queen Street, Louth.


Both Immy and Daniella are focusing  on Creative Portraiture. Adding their feelings to self portraits gives their work a “personal” feel, but often photos are inspired by something they have seen elsewhere.


The exhibition, which is planned to continue for a month, provides the artists the opportunity to display in public, and also potentially sell some of their works. All photo’s are for sale, and they have also produced post card sized copies, which are also for sale.



Immy, who experiments with her self portraits, (see “Lost Gravity” below) has a similar outlook to Daniella, and she mostly takes self portraits that don’t actually show her face. It’s an interesting concept that allows the viewer to acknowledge the intrinsic beauty of the work without identifying the model who is central to it.



Dispossession by Daniella Mills


Exhibition Details:


Venue: Crackpot Gallery, Queen Street, Louth.

Date: Commences Friday 20th April


Open- Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat 10-5 Sunday 11-4

Closed Mondays and Tuesdays


An amazing opportunity to support these two young, aspiring Lincolnshire photographers.