Local Music Spotlight Initiative

The Local Music Spotlight – Siren Radio.


The Local Music Spotlight launched on Siren Radio in February 2018, with the aim of putting the spotlight on Lincolnshire’s music talent and creating a platform for artists to share and promote their work.


Since February our local music database has grown to include over 200 tracks from local artists, and the number keeps on growing!


The Siren Radio web site now also has a handy upload portal for anyone who would like to submit their music to them. This will also explain the terms and conditions.


Lincolnshire Arts and Music Bulletin is extremely proud to be collaborating with Siren Radio on this exciting project to promote lacal artists and their music.





Kai Valentine


  Siren Radio


   Local Music Spotlight 

(Use this link to send your tracks to Local Music Spotlight)


  Kai Valentine, Producer & Local Music Co-ordinator


 Local Spotlight  (a dedicated email to provide information and answer any queries artists have)


   Siren Radio


   Kai Valentine