David Simpson – Mental Health Awareness Week

David Simpson

Mental Health Awareness week is a week long program of awareness of Mental Health Illnesses, obviously.


I hadn’t really thought about the significance of this “week” until Louth musician, David Simpson, brought it to my attention during the introduction to his excellent video, chronicling his own battles from a very early age.


Dave agreed that an “Awareness Week” is an excellent opportunity to highlight the demons and wizards that befall those with them. However, he also (rightly) points out that awareness needs to be more than a week, because those afflicted, suffer with their issues every minute of every hour of every day of every year – their whole life.



This fits in very well with  Jason T Ingram’s analysis of living with a mental illness, whilst trying to perform as an Artist, and generally seek inspiration from participating in the arts to help people through the trials and tribulations of their existence.


The Mental Illness, Disability in Music and Art (MIDMA) section of this web site attempts to acknowledge the mental frailty yet brilliance of Artists and Musicians, and I hope that sharing David Simpson’s video, will highlight this on a local level.


LINK: David Simpson – Health Awareness Week Video


LINK: Jason T Ingram – Jason’s World