NEW ALBUM – Alice Brown – ‘At Ease’

Alice Brown

Alice Brown is a Singer/Songwriter from Inverness in Scotland.


Although predominently a Rock musician, Alice is not tied down to one specific genre of music, having recently written and recorded a Trance track.


Her latest album, ‘At Ease’ is released with her music collaborators (Martin Stephenson and Susanna Wolfe), and it appears under the banner of Alice and The Rainbow String Band.


The opening track, ‘Sitting on my Porch’ immediately cements Alice Brown as a storyteller – this song reminisces on her experience of being out of work. The bass driven riff adds to the dismal realisation of that situation – with the shadowy keyboard only partly lifting the gloom.


Vocal harmonies bring a sense of enjoyment to proceeding on the second track, aptly named ‘Life is Crazy’. We are then treated to some more clever guitar work on ‘Sitting quietly in the Afternoon’ before being switched to the ‘Catfish Blues’ with it’s slidy sound.


Another fluid genre switch comes with the Folksy inspired, ‘Star in the Sky’, which is followed by a return to the identifiable, harmonious rock sound of ‘Only the Story’.


In places, the guitar work brings up shades of Ian James Stewart (ex Strangeways), most notably on the penultimate track, ‘Dreams’, which features beautiful lyrics, hauntingly delivered by Alice and backing vocalist, Susanna Wolfe (Susanna Wolfe Band).


The album closes with the rock track ‘105’.



Track List:


1. Sitting on my Porch
2. Life is Crazy
3. Sitting quietly in the Afternoon
4. Catfish Blues
5. Star in the Sky
6. Only the Story
7. Dreams
8. 105



The line up of the Rainbow String Band:

Alice Brown: Acoustic and electric guitar, lead and backing Vocals;


Martin Stephenson (Martin Stephenson and the Dainties), Guitars, Bass, Drum and Keyboard programming and Backing vocals;


Susanna Wolfe (Susanna Wolfe Band); Main backing vocals.


(Membership is not fixed as it consists on musicians collaborating with Alice on an album).

Album Arranged and produced by Martin Stephenson.


Available from Alice’s Bandcamp site