Rainbow Resonance

Blu Cottam

Rainbow Resonance is the creation of Blu Cottam from Lincoln.


In addition to running traditional well-being treatments and courses, such as Reiki and Yoga, Blu is also qualified to deliver programs incorporating Sound Healing.


These transformative tools have been inspirational, deeply healing and totally supportive of Blu’s own spiritual journey. She says:


“My wish in sharing about these modalities is that you too may feel inspired to explore their benefits and may have the possibility to experience some beautiful shifts and greater well-being in your own life.”


Sound Bath and Voice Workshops


On the first Sunday of every month, Blu runs a “Sound Bath and Voice” workshop at the Visitor Centre, Chambers Farm Wood near Wragby, Lincs, LN8 5JR. These workshops incorporate:



Vocal Toning:


…to release tension, to balance your energies, revitalize your body and immune system, calm your mind and uplift your spirit.


Sound/Bath Meditation:


…A sound healing journey with crystal bowls, shamanic drum, Chinese wind gong, Tibetan bowls and more.


ENTRY: £14 per participant



Sound/Colour Workshops


Designed to incorporate a full experience, and hosted over two days, these workshops offer fine-tuning to:



…Free your voice, find your true colours, find greater peace and harmony, for body, heart and soul, through the media of….


Drums, Gong, Colour essences, Voice, Crystal bowls, Meditation, Dance and Deep meditation.


At the beautiful Lincolnshire Limewoods, Chambers Farm Wood near Wragby.


Next Workshop: 22/23 June 2019 – 10 am to 5 pm.


More about Blu

Trained as a Practitioner and Tutor of:

  • Sound Healing ( The College of Sound Healing)
  • Yoga (British Wheel of Yoga)
  • Reiki and Seichem (RASA) Healing
  • Also trained with Vicky Wall, the innovator of Aura-Soma, in the therapeutic application and wisdom held within Colour.

Blu Offers:

  • Practitioner Training Course accredited by The College of Sound Healing, “The Practice of Sound Healing”, for those who wish to work with sound healing or to incorporate sound healing with their existing therapy practice. Also a personally transformative journey on all levels.
  • Reiki and Seichem (RASA) attunements and treatments.
  • Healing treatments: Sound Healing, Reiki and Seichem (RASA) Healing and combinations, according to individual needs, including Colour and Crystals
  • Workshops: “Sound and Colour” and “Yoga and Sound” (also validated by the College of Sound Healing as options of “further Workshops” towards the completion of the College Practitioner training)
  • “Vocal toning and Sound Bath” monthly Group, open to all.
  • Regular Classes: Yoga and Meditation, groups and one-one personal tuition.



For further information, please contact Blu directly or visit the Rainbow Resonance web site via the link below.




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