Sick Bookies – “Ad Nauseam” Album Review

Sick Bookies are releasing their new album ‘Ad Nauseam’ on October 19th 2018, through Old Tin Box Recordings.


The album will be preceded by lead single “Raymond P. Weird” available as a free download from Bandcamp along with supporting video on Youtube


‘Ad Nauseam’ is the third album proper from the Lincolnshire 4 piece. A true DIY effort, it was recorded and compiled over the last 12 months in studios, bedrooms and living rooms. Comprising of 11 pieces of music, the album explores the bewilderment of our times through twisting words, stalling arrangements and songs that are close to dismantling. ‘Raymond P. Weird’ is a case in point; a dizzying meander into the conscience of 21st Century banality, with lurching stops, merry-go-round guitars and accusatory couplets.


Across ’Ad Nauseam’ Sick Bookies’ words further explore the confusion and detachment of the world we are all presented with; flicked on a canvas of infectiously jarring rhythms, lo-fi double-helix guitars, shonking bass and nervous electronic sounds.


The band comprises of 4 gents dotted around Lincolnshire and the Midlands, (Christopher Clarke – vocals and guitars, Les Overend – Bass and vocals, Mark Setterfield – Drums, Percussion and synths, and Tom Smith – guitars and synths) they came together in early 2013 and set about making music that reflected their open-minded record collections and musical curiosity.


The influences range far and wide, and despite not always being explicitly worn on the sleeve, take in all those genres from the left-field of rock music; alternative rock, post-rock, psychedelia, krautrock, post-punk, shoe gaze, lo-fi, space rock and avant-garde, but all approached with a schizophrenic mix of full-blooded commitment and a knowing sense of self. The album title itself is a nod to Derek & Clive, affirming the groups admiration for those, in whichever art form, dare to provoke cultural taboo’s and ponder the difficult questions.


What other people say:


“The music that the band produces is intricate and loose to the extent of falling apart. Yet they always pick it back up when needed and continue to show the endless possibilities they have with their art“ – Ioan Humphreys,


“Rather good, I think” – Gideon Coe, BBC 6music


“Great album” – Stuart Maconie, BBC 6music


“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are listening to Sick Bookies” – Record Rewind Play




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