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Email to Victoria Atkins - 31/10/18

This is the original email that I sent to Ms Atkins last week. Below the email is further correspondence with her office.

Dear Ms Atkins,

Further to meetings in Louth, including the one you organised, I wish to ask a question about the make up of Clinical Commissioning Groups. On reading profiles of members of the ELCCG, it would appear that most of them have a conflict of interest, because they may make a financial gain from certain proposals that they are pursuing.

Surely, if members of CCG's have an interest in the outcomes of their "Engagements" and "Consultations" with members of the public, they should be forced to declare that interest? If it's a financial gain interest, they should remove themselves from the CCG!

This brings me to the 2nd point I wish to raise..

The figure for the number of patients who have been admitted, bypassed and/or transferred to and/or from Louth Hospital for the past 5 years was not available on Tuesday October 2nd 2018. This was a question asked of the CCG representatives at a meeting at Louth Hospital.

At a public meeting held in Louth on Friday October 5, 2018, Dr Parkes said that the “pilot” for a 16 bed hospital, run between June, 2017 and September 2018 concluded that 16/20 beds and 4/6 chairs is sufficient to meet the needs of the community.


What data was used in these analyses OUTSIDE of the period of the “Pilot” if it didn’t include ACTUAL patient data?

Finally, here is some research that I have undertaken (last week) to illustrate comparisons between Health Services in East Lindsey, and an area HALF the size and barely 15% population of our region!

Barossa Valley (South Australia)

Towns with hospitals within the region and population statistics.

Tanunda - 4500
Angaston - 2000
Mount Pleasant - 1020
Eudunda  - 828
Kapunda - 2900

Barossa Valley Total Population : Approx. 20,000
Barossa Valley - Total Area: 338 Square Miles
Hospitals: 5 = 1 hospital per 4,000 population

Tanunda: 22 beds + A & E
Angaston: 26 beds + A & E
Mount Pleasant: 34 beds + A & E
Eudunda: 20 beds + A & E
Kapunda:  23 beds + A & E

East Lindsey:

Total Population: Approx 140,000

East Lindsey Total Area: 681 sq mi

Hospitals: 2 = 1 hospital per 70,000 population

Skegness: 39 beds - NO A & E
Louth: 16 beds - NO A & E

Total: 55 beds

How is it paid for?


Is paid for by a 2% levy on taxable income OVER Au$48,385 pa (£26,365) PLUS from general Taxation.


Is paid for by a 12% National Insurance levy on Income OVER £8424 pa to £46,350 PLUS from general Taxation.


There is absolutely no reason, either financial or clinical, that Louth should not have a fully functioning General Hospital with an A & E.

I look forward to your response.

Best Regards,
David Larder


Fighting 4 Louth Hospital Campaign member


Dear Mr Larder,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Victoria about Louth Hospital and Lincolnshire East CCG.

Given the questions that you have raised, could we please suggest that Victoria write to the CCG on your behalf, enclosing a copy of your email, and ask that they look into these concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Christopher Reid


Office of Victoria Atkins MP


My response:

Dear Chris,

Yes, that is okay, but if there is another public meeting before I get a response, I will be putting these questions directly to the CCG (if they are present).

There has been far too much stalling going on and in the meantime, we are losing services, staff and beds at Louth Hospital - which is disgraceful.

I look forward to hearing ASAP.

Best Regards,

Dave Larder