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Email to Victoria Atkins MP - 6/11/18

I'm extremely concerned at the failure by the CCGEL to agree to attend a Public Meeting, to be organised by the F4LH Campaign. There does APPEAR to be a certain amount of stalling going on, which could mean that the CCG plans to make decisions without Public Consultation. Therefore, I have sent the following email to Victoria Atkins MP, DEMANDING urgent answers.

Dear Ms Atkins,

Further to my recent email relating to the issue of Louth County Hospital, I have further urgent questions.

As told by members of the CCG EL, at Public Meetings in Louth recently, (including the one you chaired), we are currently in a stage of "Public Engagement" after which, we move onto the "Public Consultation" process. It now appears that the CCG may well start making important decisions on Louth Hospital WITHOUT entering into the Public Consultation stage. 

Would this be an acceptable step under the terms of which CCG's operate?

Are you aware of this?

If decisions are made by CCG EL that have NOT been discussed during Public Engagement, and the Public Consultation stage is abandoned, then what have YOU achieved?

As you had private meetings with the CCG this summer, surely, you must have demanded to know what their intentions were!

It's well over a year since you claimed that YOU were "leading the fight" to save Louth Hospital. Yet services continue to be diminished, this past weekend, people turning up at the Urgent Care Centre were told to get themselves to Grimsby A & E. (There are witnesses to this happening).

I hope you will treat this matter as MOST URGENT!

Yours sincerely,

David Larder
(Supporter of Fight for Louth Hospital Campaign)