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Inter National Promotions

As part of our promotion of music from Lincolnshire based/inspired/friend's musicians, we're bringing music INTO the county from around the world. This will provide global exchange and as well as getting our county's music heard overseas, we'll expose theirs to our audience.


Currently, we have tracks on our music page which are mostly from #Lincolnshire musicians. However, as OTHER contacts play these tracks overseas, we are also providing the opportunity to get their music heard in our county. Go and have a listen to the incredible voice of Anderson Goncalves, (a Blues/Rock singer from Brazil) on his original composition, "River Rising".


We're also selling CD's via online shop. We have for sale most of Robert Wyatt's solo catalogue and CD's from Horncastle's Dave Hunt. Next week, I'm adding France's Denis Frajerman CD, "Herbes and Golums". Denis, an Avante Garde jazz musician has a great interest in music from our area. He's influenced by Robert Wyatt.


Just go to the home page and follow the links to "Music" and "Shop".