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Louth Hospital Day Ward Fears

This was posted recently on Facebook by "Kirsty"

"I live in North Hykeham and just like my mother in law I had to go to Louth because they are no longer doing them (steroid injections) at Lincoln. When I spoke to a member of staff at Lincoln they said they doubt the pain clinic type stuff will ever come back to Lincoln became they are concentrating on making Lincoln a centre for trauma (and Grantham a centre for orthopaedics). All the staff at Louth were really wonderful, so welcoming and friendly but were very open that they're all worried about losing their jobs. Apparently they are desperate for more day cases because they have so much space and staff but they aren't being sent enough. Grantham are supposed to send to Louth as well but don't. They say they are being made to look like they aren't needed so that Louth can close."

Below is a picture of the ward taken by Kirsty on her visit.

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