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Show us the evidence LECCG

Plenty of talking by the CCG, but where is their evidence? What will happen now Nottingham are closing their doors to Trauma patients from out of county? Where are the numbers supporting the "Home Care Package" idea? Why are hospital beds not very important? Where are the figures supporting the claims of an elderly population? Who stands to gain financially if these plans are adopted? Where are disclaimer to financial interests from members of the CCG?

Why do ELDC and LTC say that "authorities" have to be trusted? Have they had their collective eyes shut for the past 8 years? What sort of hospital gets it's staff to FETCH patient prescriptions from private pharmacies in the town? When there IS an emergency in Louth Hospital, what steps are taken to act on it? Why are patients in Louth UCC waiting for up to TEN hours for an ambulance to transfer them to another hospital? What are the "waiting times" at Louth UCC compared to Grimsby A & E?

What is the attraction of our politicians that permits them to praise a system that turns people out onto the street in the middle of the night, often wearing only nightclothes, leaving them to find their way home without money or transport?

Then ask yourselves:

"Is this a fair system?"

They can't show us any evidence because they don't have any.

They are just bluffing their way through, hoping that the populace will just get fed up and give in.

That's not going to happen in Louth is it?