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To FREE or Not to FREE...

Howard Goy:

Obviously I can't mention names, but yes, this has worked very well at a certain venue. There can't be any guarantee of success, but so far it's the best way I can think of to encourage putting on live music.

Keri Blake:

The trouble with a town like Louth, is most pubs want cover bands who do popular stuff that get people singing along and buying more beer to boost profits. Sad but true. It's been said to me by a pub owner directly. And a lot of the cover bands are happy to do these gigs a price where they'll get fuel and beer money, but not much else. I know because I was in a band that was like that. I outgrew it because I knew I wanted to be a professional singer and that didn't help me any. However, there's not many ways into it if like me all you have is a voice, because my poor health has lost me the capability to write my own lyrics, and I do not play enough to write my own music either, so I've had to go back to covers, although we are performing originals in our sets. I don't know what the solution is either way. I'm just a vocalist with no other way of doing what I love. I wish I did know what the solution was. It's a tough one.

Dan Hickin:

I've seen people do what you say with original music when it comes to pubs and drinking. I have videos of it. Oh, another couple of people to add to my list of original artists who have kept people happy and drinking in venues - Jan Halen, and Funke And The Two Tone Baby (both loopers) Not that this is a covers v originals debate as such, but one reason I don't go out much is because original music is now so rare. I'd go see you though as I love your versions as they are different! Same with my friend James.

Aren't Dukes all original too? They seem to be doing well atm.


Keri Blake:

Dan Hickin that's why we like throwing originals in the mix. Between both black & blue and the delusional phools, we only have one original per band ready, but working on others so stick with covers to tide us over but to play local we'd have to keep a good lot of covers in our play lists so we can play locally. I think that dukes are a mix of both covers and originals they said. But with Black & Blue people like the twist in what we do, but again, I want to get more into original stuff as well. All I've ever wanted to do, and all I've ever really been good at was sing. And now more than ever I do it so well. The years I've been doing it I've only ever got better, and I'd have never even said I was good 10 years ago lol.

Dave Larder:

On the CS that was on in April, I wonder how much each artist would have expected to receive if it had been the same format but a fully paid show with an entry charge for audience.

Also, there an issue in Lincolnshire with midweek music (ie popularity, shortage of money) or is it a matter of perseverance?

Also, is there mileage in a county venue circuit?

Another point for consideration (though not involving everybody) is the marketing of recordings.

What is the best way to distribute your own material?

A friend of LAAMB in the States, #FakeZappa says he is having difficulty finding a Distributor who will deal with both CDs and Download.

Is that an issue here?

This is from the Australian Government Inquiry........


A number of participants raised concerns that, despite the growing revenue generated by streaming services, streaming services have decreased the value of recorded music. The Media Entertainment and the Arts Alliance (MEAA) told the committee that the increasing market share of streaming services has ‘radically undermined the value of recorded music for musicians’.32


The Association of Australian Musicians (AAM) told the committee that ‘Spotify’s micro royalty payments ($0.002 per play) have put many musicians out of business’.33 The band Watling & Bates explained that the return from streaming is negligible for artists in the early stages of their careers, ‘with hundreds of thousands of streams required to generate income’.34


Shelley Karutz, who performs under the name Lacunae Glow, told the committee that artists such as herself receive, on average, one cent per stream from services such as Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and Apple Music. She acknowledged that ‘if you had millions of streams it might add up’.

How does that compare with streaming here?

Is it worth considering a Download platform that allows almost 100% of the revenue to be split between artist and distributor?

So, if this web site were to offer hosting for people to BUY your tracks via download, what do you think would be a fair split between LAAMB as Host and you, as Musician?

There is a cost to LAAMB to do this, and everything else on the site remains FREE.