What is LAAMB Promotion?


LAAMB is the brand name for the Music and Arts Promotional platform, previously labelled “Lincolnshire Arts and Music Bulletin”. Established in October, 2017, LAAMB initially used a web site to promote 5 bands and two artists who supported a campaign to highlight cutbacks at the hospital in Louth, Lincolnshire.


Just over three years later, and LAAMB now publicises and promotes music and art from all over the world, whilst still retaining a considerable “local” content. This has meant the development of platforms other than a sole web site, and facilitates cross promotion between local, national and international musicians and artists. Please visit these (via the links below) for examples of these platforms and to see how they work.


Currently, we are looking to build on this international cooperation to further promote and publicise musicians, and have established the following platforms:


Web Site


Facebook Group 




Music Link Up


LAAMB Radio on Spreaker


LAAMB on HearThis


LAAMB on Audiomack


The LAAMB Collective on Blackett Promo


(Contact LAAMB to enquire)


If you are a musician or band, and would like to be included on any of our platforms, please contact us via the email link below or via the web site.


Currently looking for:

Brief (12 minute promo podcasts) for LAAMB Radio


Promotional material for inclusion in articles on LAAMB MLU project.



You can now submit your tracks By WeTransfer  using as recipient email


For further information, email LAAMB.