In Music We Trust


In Music We Trust is a clothing brand that donates 50% of it’s profit to the charity, Mind, which supports people with depression.


Founder, Aiden Hatfield, in his promotional video says that he suffers from depression. He adds:


“So many people who suffer from depression feel that others think it is a weakness”


Aiden goes on to say that he put himself forward for an interview with the BBC in 2015 after admitting his depression. As a result, lots of people have approached him and said that seeing that interview encouraged them to admit their own issues, and more importantly, admit it to themselves.




Aiden is not suggesting for a moment that sufferers gather all their friends and family together and make the big announcement that they have depression. However, he does suggest that if what you are going through has symptoms of depression, go and talk to someone; your doctor or other professional.


And finally, remember……


“In Music We Trust”





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