Lincolnshire Arts and Music Bulletin  (LAAMB4)  is a Mixcloud channel that publishes and promotes Lincolnshire Music and associated Musicians. Currently published on an “As and When” basis, these shows are attracting global attention, and at the time of publishing this page, we have just reached 1,000 “Listens”. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute tracks, either as a Solo Project, or in a compilation with other musicians.


Here is the full list (to date) which will be added to in date order of publication.


LAAMB Introduces …..

Local and International Folk Mix – Part One

Local and International Rock Variations – Part One

Space, Meditation, Prose and Jazz – Part One

Local and International Jazz – Part One

Local and International Blues – Part Two

LAAMB Podcast with Face to Face

Local and International Blues – Part One

Robert Wyatt Covers – Part Three

Face to Face (New Tracks)

Brendan Perkins, Helen Flunder and The Keyhouse

Suburban Toys

Robert Wyatt Covers – Part Two

White Box-The music from this year’s student group at Grimsby University Music Programme

Robert Wyatt Covers – Part One 

Lincolnshire Music


Peter Anthony Robinson

Ian James Stewart

Face to Face

Dave Hunt

Robert Wyatt and Alfreda Benge Interview (2017)