Project Redshift – Crossfire

Steven Hill – Same Love (Jazz Mix)

Fiddle Enigma (Serena Smith) Irish Jigs (Sample)

Fiddle Enigma (Serena Smith) La-Cumparsita (Sample)

Robert Wyatt/Jimi Hendrix – Slow Walkin’ Talk

Robert Wyatt – Alifib

The Stallers – Untrue FM (Kieran Campbell)

Kieran Campbell – New Places

Kieran Campbell – Your Own Life

Jimbodeni – All in your head

Jimbodeni – Let your soul sing

Mojomakerz – Ship of Fools

Mojomakerz – Weirdiful You (Youth Mix)

Suburban Toys – Out of the Blue

Suburban Toys – Radioactive

Dave Hunt – 100 Horses

Dave Hunt – Mississippi Blues

Dave Hunt – Busted

Sick Bookies – Raymond P Weird

Nieviem – Fick

Jazz Lingard – Familiar Stranger

Jazz Lingard – Young Love

The What – Out on the Floor

Peter Anthony Robinson – How humble she was

Dialectic Flowers – Little Red Riding Hood Hits the Road (Robert Wyatt Cover)

Denis Frajerman – Herbes et Golems (Sample)

Anderson Goncalves – River Rising

“Local Music Spotlight” Initiative

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