CORASANDEL are an ambient-shoegaze band from Lincolnshire that have been together since 2016. They formed through a mutual love of melody and reverb.


They cite Slowdive, Mogawi, Neil Young, Seasurfer and Shack among their musical influences.


Their debut EP, including the song ‘Bee Today’ (produced by Ben Conybeare), soundtracked the award winning play, ‘Maisie Says She Loves Me’.



In 2018 the band released the singles ‘Diving’ and ‘Blenefill’. Both singles continue the band’s work with local musicians, artists, producers and labels, featuring Melvin Andersen on percussion and released digitally by Old Tin Box Recordings ( in the UK.


They will release an EP in 2019.


Their music has been played on BBC 6Music, BBC Introducing and DKFM Shoegaze Radio.




Mark Merrifield (guitar/vocals)


Jimmy Osborne (guitars/effects/backing vocals)