Dukes de Luda

Dukes de Luda came together as a group of friends who wanted to make music just over two years ago. The mix of acoustic guitar and cajon with story led lyrics, coupled with electric bass and far reaching free flowing electric guitar, seems on paper like an odd combo, but for us the juxtaposition works to create a truly original sound.


Dukes de Luda describe themselves as an original eclectic acoustoelectric rock band.  Hailing from Louth, Lincolnshire, Dukes de Luda have established themselves as one of the leading groups in the area.



This popular band have released their debut album, “Midnight at the Lodestone“,  on Old Tin Box Recordings and it is available from Off The Beaten Tracks in Louth.








Band Members:


Danny de Luda – Vocals and Guitar

Martin Johnson – Bass Guitar

David Simpson – Lead Guitar

Totty Simpson – Cajon



YouTube – New single for 2019: Ghosts















   Messenger: @DukesdeLuda