Face To Face 2019

Hailed as “an exciting and eclectic mix of genre’s” Face To Face is an original multi genre band from Lincolnshire.


In reality Face To Face are two very talented musicians known as David and Mel from Lincolnshire, UK. Having released several albums, played several events and appeared as guests on many podcast and radio interviews, Face To Face have been building quite a following.


Both members come from two very different musical backgrounds. This has been quite a collision of diverse idea’s, styles, and has been a catalyst for a very creative and exciting experience. Mel himself comes from a somewhat traditional beginnings, of a young boy trying emulate his idol, to then playing in many projects and bands with a variety of styles.


After many years Mel went on to design and build many of the instruments he uses on stage.


David has had an interesting journey through his musical career. He began playing in local bands, eventually becoming an award-winning singer-songwriter who has performed with many famous acts in the music industry.



Within the span of just over a year, Face To Face have released three critically appraised albums. These multi genre track albums have become a very distinct original entity unto themselves with their unique style. Every track on each album has tried to gauge the perplexities of uneasy subject matters into a thoughtful and insightful whole, including addiction, abuse, breakdowns, fables, loss, war, vices and many more. The first of which is 2018’s ‘Equal Opportunists’, the 2nd is 2019’s ‘Way Of The World’ and latest is 2019’s ‘Age Of Denialism’.



All three albums have been released under Demon-X Records and available from Bandcamp. Along with the music of Face To Face, the band have produced many of theirown music videos, that are available to watch on the band’s Facebook page. With 2020 rapidly approaching and all the buzz about the band, it’s gonna be another fantastic 12 months for Face To Face.



This collaboration between David and Mel has proven to be very productive in the last eighteen months. The band’s writing process usually begins with Mel recording one of his many acoustic guitars to produce some very interesting and diverse instrumental pieces. Mel then sends the piece via email to David who then writes the lyrics, records his vocal tracks and finally produces the final song in his studio. With the overall process usually only taking a few days, writing new songs has been a very fast turnover.



Both agree it’s a very exciting way to work as they never know what to expect from each other.



With a recent public interest in their latest work, the band will be performing their songs live in the upcoming months.



Band Members:


Mel O – Guitar / Backing Vocals


David – Vocals / Backing Vocals



Record Label: Demon-X Records





Age of Denialism


Equal Opportunists


Way of the World


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