Grimsby Jazz Projects


Grimsby Jazz Projects is a non-profit making organisation promoting high quality jazz and music projects that enable educational projects to take place to celebrate and develop the jazz genre.


They seek to develop knowledge, understanding and interest in jazz, developing the talent and potential of young musicians through workshops that expose them to high quality music and musicians. The group also wish to increase the musical appreciation of children whatever their background. Programmes are delivered using a range of art forms in workshops designed to generate greater interest in jazz for younger listeners.


Grimsby Jazz Projects aim to provide workshops for teachers and students to develop their knowledge and skills; supporting workforce development, which supports the National Curriculum.


A Requiem Project:


Grimsby Jazz are delighted to announce that with support from Arts Council England this project is now underway.


Following the outstanding success of the Fish Tales tour, CD and publication, Grimsby Jazz is delighted to announce an exciting and ambitious new project for 2019. Bringing together the creative imagination of poet Josie Moon and the dynamic composition talents of Alan Barnes and Pat McCarthy along with a stellar line-up of international artists; Dave Green, Gilad Atzmon, Mark Nightingale, Sebastiaan De Krom, Dean Masser and Neil Yates, A Requiem is a bold and challenging work that examines the impact of conflict on individuals across a century, beginning in the trenches and ending in a robust call for peace in our time.



The work honours those who have fought, died and made huge personal sacrifices while also asking important questions about the very nature of warfare. Using the traditional format of the Latin Mass, the work is a secular prayer for the whole of humanity.


Daring and audacious in style and structure, A Requiem is a moving but ultimately uplifting and soulful work which invites the audience to both remember the history of conflict and resolve to do better in the future.




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