Kenichi Hata, professional name “Hataken”, (or just plain “Ken” to his friends), has been an electronic music producer, performer since the mid 90’s. His musical style employs ambient chilled out grooves using synthesizers to span multiple genres that create a unique style and psychedelic feeling.


Hataken has performed many festivals including Boom 2012 (7 hours live show with analog vintage rigs), Ozora festival, Sonica, Sound Wave, SXSW and more. He released his solo album “A Prana Planet” on Matsuri Digital Chill in Nov. 2017.


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Shifting from vintage analogue synth performances to modular synthesizers, Hataken has become an icon in the Japanese modular scene. In 2013 he organized the Tokyo Festival of Modular; a yearly event that showcases international modular synthesizer technology and artist performances. His goal is to foster the next generation of modular synthesizer music.


Hataken has taken part in many collaborative projects. Wåveshåper was a project with Greg Hunter which produced an album and a series of live performances in Europe. He is an organizer of the alternative culture underground platform ZEN ZEN.


Hataken performed and recorded with renowned guitarist Sugizo twice, and features on Sugizo’s album and remix in 2018



I first met Hataken when he performed a private gig at Dev Aura (Tetford) in 2012. We remained friends, and in 2018, I introduced him to Jason T Ingram (Fake Zappa), a musician/artist/producer from Portland, Oregon and a collaboration is on the cards when time permits for both musicians.


While visiting our area in the summer of 2012, Hataken wrote and performed two tracks which were inspired by his experience here. The first “Thankyou Guys, Sun” and second “New Side view of Brain”, are featured on our Playlist, as is a brand new track “Lincolnshire” which again, is inspired by his visit to our county.




Hataken at Tetford, Lincs, (2012)

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Wåveshåper with Greg Hunter aka Dubsahara


Quartzhead Conversation 02 with Daisuke Fujiwara

(featuring brass instrumentals)


Sound designer, synthesiser / Ableton Live teacher


Hataken Playlist (3 Tracks)

  •     Hataken - Lincolnshire
  •     Hataken - Thank you guys - Sunshine
  •     Hataken - New side view of brain