Ian James Stewart

Ian James Stewart is a guitarist who lives and works in Louth, Lincolnshire. He was born in a small Scottish farmhouse, to the sound of his father’s accordion. Started playing guitar in the mid-sixties, strumming along to his dad’s records – Hank Williams and Johnny Cash as well as the popular music of the day.

From early beginnings of playing in his family’s band, Ian developed into writing his own songs, and concentrated on guitar as his tool of choice. The band ‘Strangeways’ became the vehicle that propelled Ian and with them, he has released TEN albums, before branching off in a solo direction.




With “Junk DNA” (2014), Ian took all of his influences and released a solo album that was quite different from what he had been doing with the band. Here’s a track “Path of Lightening” from this album.



Immediately following the release of “Junk DNA”, Ian began work on his next album which became “ARCTICANA” (Released September 2017). Here’s what legendary Musician and fellow Ludensian, Robert Wyatt had to say…


“I well remember father Brian Eno’s warning dictum concerning unhelpfully decorative clutter:


“every object obscures another”.


And here’s what is so refreshing about what Ian James Stewart does. There’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. Ian’s music has a hypnotic elegance. A magical touch – almost translucent at times – but with a warm pulse that really drives the music along with an organically focused momentum.


Rock music for grownups.”


Building on the success of “Junk DNA”, Ian set about gathering together an impressive array of contributors who include:

Foss Paterson piano/keyboards (John Martyn, Bonnie Raitt)
Yaron Stavi on upright bass/cello and electric bass ( Dave Gilmour, Blockheads)
Robert Wyatt – Vocals
Alice Barnard – Backing Vocals
Thom Reuben Whitworth – Trumpet
Davey Stewart – Bass
Jim Drummond – Drums and percussion
Charlotte Hubbard – Keys


“dis soulful cornucopisounscape of swirling whatsit, what a rich palette” – Robert Wyatt