Loop Cycle

Loop Cycle is a live looping cyborg who uses guitar, voice, beatbox and effects to create complex, dynamic pieces of exciting original music. His genre is termed Hybrid Fusion as it is a mix of everything.



Loop Cycle has supported names such as Coldcut, The Petebox, Okilly Dokilly, John Shuttleworth and Interrobang (ex Chumbawamba).



He has played venues such as The Drill Hall Lincoln, Fibbers York, The Met Lounge Peterborough, The Maze Nottingham plus headlined various festivals and stages.




To get some further information on this phemomenon, I “borrowed” from a recent interview that LC did with Alex Kyle, of the Lincolnshire Songwriters Guild (LSWG):


LSWG: How would you describe your music to someone who has not yet heard it?




Well, as the human host for the hiveminded cloud conciousness and cyborg that is Loop Cycle, I would tell them Loop Cycle transforms the sound of it’s voice and guitar using technique and effects to create full pieces of music live using live looping, a technique that started in the 70s and has since been made famous by the likes of Beardy Man, Dub FX, KT Tunstall, The Petebox and Ed Sheeran to name a few. What Loop Cycle does stylistically is Hybrid Fusion as it is a bit of everything. Music is about expression and therefore, Loop Cycle does not want to impose limits on it’s creativity.


Or I could just say, live looped guitar, effects, vocals and human beatbox! Nothing pre-recorded.


As The Mirror Shattered, which is my acoustic singer/songwriter concept name, I would say I create expressive cathartic pieces of music with a focus on passion, authenticity, self expression and honesty. I think I sound like myself as I have no aspirations to imitate anything as the things I feel are never really fully expressed in anyone else’s music I hear, so I have to make my own to get it across – this naturally leads to it being quite individual. I like to use extended and unusual chord progressions but focus on making these melodic and catchy, at least to my ears. It’s all about reaching people who may feel the same.


LSWG: What is your process when writing songs? Where do you get your ideas and inspiration?





Dreams, breakups, pain, joy, the atmosphere in a special place, the feeling in a film that I interpret in a certain way, a memory, a friend, a lost lady on the bus when I was a teen… It could start with words, with chords, or melody, whatever represents the feeling best first, and then it is evolved to better fit the meaning/feeling/atmosphere, sometimes over years, decades or a few days. Inspirations is never something I seek. If I had nothing to say or express, or didn’t feel the need, I wouldn’t ever write any music. It is however, a need. It just fits. When you have good tears, the kind that knock you down to the ground when you’ve finished a song, and you can hardly get through it without breaking down each time, and you feel all the better for it, well, for me, that is when the nail has been hit very clearly on the head. I think few people will understand that these days. A lot of people see music as black and white. Happy and sad. They have lost the ability to hear it’s language the more it is simplified in these X-factor times. I never wrote a miserable song in my life, because the ones about something sad always made me feel better. With those kinds of songs, it’s about the relief of just being honest about it and finally not having to pretend for a few moments and just let it out. When that happens in a crowd of people, it is euphoric in a deeply meaningful way.





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