Melo Songs

Mel O Songs is a man of eclectic tastes and influences writing in a bunch of diverse styles and genres on a heap of different instruments.


‘A one man musical tour-de force’ (AK)


A mélange of styles and genres … “basically I get bored very easily and constantly keep having to do something different. I go all heavy rock, then gentle country folk, then avant garde etc. I also rarely perform the same song twice … I like the way Bob Dylan re-imagines his own stuff – why play the same song the same way more than once!”


Over the years Mel has played in various musical ensembles including a trad. jazz band, ceilidh bands, rock folk bands, a comedy showband and was Elvis’ guitarist for four years every Saturday and Sunday (this Elvis was from Barnsley!).


Albums of original songs and instrumentals are available on BandCamp.


Major Influences Include: Richard Thompson, George Formby, Louden Wainwright III, Joan Armatrading, Sam Carter, Benny Hill, Keef Richards, Justin Currie, Martin Simpson, Al Stewart, Clive Gregson, Ray Davies, Andy Frazer, David Byrne, Rory Gallagher, Rab Noakes, Sarah McLachlan, Andy Partridge, Lyle Lovett and Neil Innes.


‘The MelO Songs Show’ is a music show on Mel’s YouTube channel featuring an eclectic collection of stuff – featuring a diverse bunch of styles, influences and genres tied together with joyfully incoherent links.


Hopefully someone may find them interesting/amusing/ * /weird [*insert word of choice]


Mel also performs with:


Mel & Donna: a covers duo…



The O’Claires: an Irish Traditional Music band,



Face To Face: Multi-Genre original music,


Mel & Byron (two thirds of Jack): musical mayhem and


Mel O: original songs.







     Band Camp


     YouTube – MelO Songs Show


Other stuff (including instrument builds):