Mike Wood – Simply Sax

Mike Wood, is a Sax player who moved to Ludford from Spain in 2007.


Mike has been a full time pro sax player for 3 years, but played clarinet for over 30 years beforehand.


He has a love for all genres but especially Jazz Ballads.


Mike has recorded one album “Simply Sax”, another is currently being recorded.


Mainly solo tenor sax these days, Mike is available for playing at weddings, private parties, corporate events and most gigs.


He is also a founding member of ME3, a jazz/lounge music trio of sax, keys and female vocals.




Mikes motto is “You choose your music! Jazz, Swing, Blues, Contemporary.


A regular busker, Mike is seen around Lincolnshire on sax playing to backing tracks.


Mike is availble to teach/advise any age on jazz improvisation and technique. He is also an active promoter of any jazz events in the area when time permits!






  Email: michaelwood4@hotmail.com


  Mobile:  0771 402 6697


 Facebook @simplysax1955


Facebook (2)  @MikeWood ( pic has playing sax).


YouTube: local802blues