DIFFERENT,ODD, QUIRKY, EXPERIMENTAL – We don’t really like to be put into a box on genre!!.

Mojomakerz is an experimental music project of no fixed genre, covering electronic, ambient, rock and chill-out sounds with a North African Influence. Debut album, ‘Tales For Sunrise’ out now & released on their own Weirdiful You Records (London,UK).

The brainchild of UK musician & songwriter Paul Hegarty, who later teamed up with fellow musician, lyricist and producer Ian James Stewart (previously the driving force behind successful Scottish rock band, ‘Strangeways’), this record is a rare entity in the current climate. Put together without pressure, deadlines or commercial motivation, it is an album borne entirely of creative pleasure – initially with the music made exclusively for their own enjoyment.

Paul says, “We wanted to create something special, it had to be purely about the music. For us it’s been fun, an exciting adventure, we had to love it first, before we could share it. When we started the project we had a few ideas of who we’d like to get involved, & we’ve now had so many talented people contributing, it really is amazing!”

The album features guests including Robert Wyatt, BJ Cole, Sonti Ramirez, Jim Drummond, Dave Stewart and Charlotte Hubbard and includes 4 mixes by Acclaimed U.K Producer Martin Glover aka ‘Youth’ who’s produced artists such as Crowded House (Together Alone), The Verve (Urban Hymns), he also co-produced Pink Floyds latest offering ‘The Endless River’ as well as many other artists.

One things for certain, Mojomakerz have their own unique sound, the record creates a fascinating laid back East meets West vibe, as middle eastern and tribal influences meet sci-fi inspiration, stunning vocals and Arabic calls to prayer. Mouth drums, radio communications on-board a ship in the Persian Gulf plus animals (none harmed during recording!) blend with Algerian hip hop recorded in the Sahara Desert. ‘Tales For Sunrise’ tells its own story, evolving into a magical journey through sound.

Band Members: Paul Hegarty / Ian James Stewart + Guests

Home Town: Lincoln

Record Label: no thanks records

About: Experimental / Electronica / Alternative

Based In our secret Lair somewhere near Lincoln, UK.

Biography: Multi Instrumentalists / Based in our secret lair somewhere in Lincoln, UK – Having plenty of fun making tunes. Too many influences to list

Awards: Triple Fruity Biscuit

Gender: Male

Personal Information: Musician / Songwriter / Rocket Ship Builder

General manager

Music available from: Weirdiful You Records, Lincoln      Back To Mono Records, Lincoln   Off the beaten Tracks, Louth   

Tales For Sunrise  CD – Amazon  Tales For Sunrise  Vinyl – Amazon  Also available on Spotify