Nieviem is punk rock band from Lincoln UK.


The name is derived from Polish language (Nie Wiem) and it means “I don’t know”.


The band started in April 2016 when three Polish musicians Bart Stanczyk (guitarist/songwriter), Tomek Tyrlik (drummer) and Kuba Piatkowski (bass guitar) met vocalist/lyricwriter Vicky McClelland. Bart and Vicky fueled by a mutal interest of ’90 melodic skate punk, their skatebording history and the same influences just clicked straight away and begun writing music. They wrote first five new songs in only two months. They both are inspired by fast skate punk bands such as Pennywise, Bad Religion, Millencolin etc.



Bassist, Kuba is influenced by heavier bands such as Slipknot, Max Cavalera projects etc. It gives the band style of ’90 fast skate melodic punk with a bit heavier sound and also elements of hardcore punk.


Nieviem released four demo songs in October 2016 recorded in Playing Aloud Studio. Nieviem performed their very first two gigs on 20th & 21st of January 2017 in their hometown of Lincoln.


In May 2017, Vicky left Nieviem due to health problems and her place was taken by Hope Bateman.


In June 2017 they appeared on LINCOLNSHIRE PUNK COMPILATION VOL.1 released on CD by Bart.



“The Hope is There” CD was released in November, 2017.



A new 6 track CD, “Up in the Air” was released in February, 2019, after which Tomek left and was replaced by ex Sabouters drummer Warren Nel.



Current Lineup:


Hope – Vocals
Bartek – Guitar
Kuba – Bass
Warren – Drums








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